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Hi, my 7 mth old boy poos like every 2 days and somethings its hard.
I give him prune purees and it does even help.
He hates water but takes in some oj.
Can anyone offer advice?
He seems fine and this condition doesn't bother him much.
No pain or excess gas.


Liz - posted on 05/01/2014




I'm sorry that you've had spam responses to your question, Jill Mala. It's a problem that this site is experiencing at the moment and the admins and moderators are slightly powerless until the owners get more on their side.

What else does your son eat at the moment? If he is on solids, does he eat cereal? Sometimes rice cereal can be a little binding and you might try oatmeal, which is gentler on the tummy.

I used to mix prune juice with milk when my daughter was still taking occasional bottles. I wouldn't really advise that you feed your 7 month old a lot of orange juice - these are mostly sugars and are going to set you up for some issues with food preferences down the line.

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