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I was looking at one of the conversations now closed in regard to constipation. I wanted to share what I have learned that might be helpful to anyone desiring other peoples experiences. My children are now grown, and I have studied in health and nutrition and continue to keep studying more.
Constipation is the root cause of many health problems so it is something for all of us to watch out for. But the first line of defense is looking for "what is the cause", and not just treating the symptom.
Some foods that commonly cause this problem is cheese, one of the most constipating foods we can eat (if you are nursing mommies and you have a colic problemed baby, this often is related. grains that are not whole... etc. I chose not to give solid foods to my babies until they began to have teeth to chew them with, I figured the designer of our bodies had a reason the timing of teeth development related to when we would need and could digest chewable foods.
As to natural laxative type foods... prunes and pears are at the top of the list. Nursing moms the foods you eat will provide those specific needs for your baby through your consumption.
Here is a life saving story from my own life. I had babies that battled for their life, at birth, due to my antibodies attacking their platelets (this is the white blood cells that help your blood clot correctly), I learned while dealing with this... giving blood as only my platelets were immune to my antibodies, a nurse had shared with me mommies that had helped their babies before me, gave their babies sesame seed oil (I later learned the Vitamin T factor)... except their babies would throw it up until they were at least 3 months old because their digestive system could not handle the food yet; so I applied the fact my mothers milk was designed for their digestive system, so I would consume it for my babies to get the sesames this way. Guess what it worked!
In fact one of the times I was sent to have blood taken for a transfusion for my baby, they always do a platelet / CBC count before and after drawing blood from me. I took sesame seeds to the lab with me, and the nurse said she would not have believed it if she had not seen it for herself, my platelet count personally was higher after they took blood then when they started... and they took 2 times the amount needed from me this time, for back up supply.... here is the funny part... I was very engorged when I finished and nearly ran to nurse my baby after. Guess what they never ended up giving her a transfusion as her count came back up on its own after I nursed her. My 2nd baby healed faster then my first baby and got to go home with me much sooner. (I took sesame seeds to the hospital with me, if I had a third baby, I would have eaten the seeds consistently throughout my pregnancy, so hopefully the scenario would have never needed to happen.
Books I have found still currently on the market that are helpful: "RX Prescription for Cooking and Dietary Wellness" by Phyllis A. Balch, C. N.C. and James F. Balch, M.D. and "The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods" by Michael Murray, N.D. and a 3rd one I am not sure you can still buy I got years ago is "Nutrition Almanac" revised edition by Nutrition Search, Inc. John D. Kirschmann director published by McGraw-Hill Book Company
Also note when I was still a young nursing mom, being a part of Le Leche League group was very helpful to me (this is a nursing mom's group for those of you who don't know what it is.) I hope you will find this helpful and encouraging and I highly recommend having nutritional reference books a part of your own library for quick reference helps and over all guidance. There are other sources I could recommend. But food is alway our first and best medicines to start with for our health, so it helps to understand what each food does for us.


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