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contraceptive advice or info pls

Raina - posted on 02/03/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




I just had my final baby and am wondering if there is any moms out there who have used the essure contraceptive. I would like to know who has and how happy or unhappy they are with it. It is what I am thinking about getting as I don't want anymore children since I am almost 30 and have two. Please help me with my decision! Thanks


Kate CP - posted on 02/03/2010




I had to do a lot of digging a while back when I was looking into the essure method. First, it sounds like a great idea and at some point I MAY look into it (we're trying for #2 now [although that's not looking too good]). The way they test to make sure the coils have built up enough scar tissue to fully block the tubes is by injecting a contrast dye into your uterus. And yes, they fill you up completely. They do a series of x-rays and see if any dye has leaked through the tubes and up toward your ovaries. I have heard this is rather uncomfortable (even painful) and this is what gives me pause. Now, you can have the coils inserted under sedation if you like and your doctor will let you. But I don't know if you can be sedated for the test.

The problem with tubal ligation is that it can fail and there's no way to test it. My mother got pregnant a third time after she had her tubal and was absolutely shocked. Needless to say, she made my dad go in and get fixed shortly thereafter. So keep researching and find the method that will work best for you! Good luck! :)


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Sneaky - posted on 02/04/2010




I have been tossing up tubal ligation vs IUD and have been uncomfortable with both options so after this one is born I am going with the Implanon implant again (I've had it two times before and it works great for me!) which lasts for three years so I have more time to think about my options and I can always have it removed if I do change my mind and decide I want another baby and will return to normal fertility immediately.

Tanisha - posted on 02/03/2010




i also have the Mirena.. im in my 2nd year with it and its been great... yea at first i had a few cramps and a little spotting but that all ended a couple months later... never had n e other issues with it.. and yea the fact of knowing it can b taken out when i want to have more children!!! ( and i will i mean really ill b 20 in nov. so i still have a little time lol) but no its great and for moms that dont wanna have n e more children its still a great thing... u dont have to worry about either one of you going thro surgery of n e kind so it makes it all better.. well thats my opinion tho!! but good luck with watever you choose to do

Amii - posted on 02/03/2010




In australia docters are very hesistant to allow such young women to be "fixed" i was 27 after my second so i use an iud called mirena. It is effective for five years but can be taken out quite easily. I havent had any problems with it and im 30 now. Good luck.

Julie - posted on 02/03/2010




I have a Mirena because I know I won't be ready for a while (if ever). I like the fact that they can take it out if I change my mind and have good chances of getting pregnant right away. Alternately, I can have another put in in 5 years if I"m STILL not ready.

Jodi - posted on 02/03/2010




My husband and I BOTH made the decision for him to have a vasectomy. It is more successful procedure (10 times less likely to result in an unwanted pregnancy), and far less invasive than a tubal ligation, and recovery time is much shorter. It is a myth that sexual dysfunction is a common side effect. It is actually exremely rare. We talked to our doctor at length about our options, and it was actually our doctor's opinion that the vasectomy was the better option too.

Caroline - posted on 02/03/2010




Hi Raina

I had the coil fitted in me for 5 years, then it had to come out for 1 month and then i could have another put in, i had no problems with this.
There is also a coil now that you can have fitted and you may not have a period each month, i know someone that has had this one fitted and she has not had a period since she had it fitted.
It doesn't hurt when you have it fitted and you don't feel it when it is in you.

Lisa - posted on 02/03/2010




hi, just somethings i considered when i opted for oral contraception:

dosage: it must be appropriate as to not affect me so much that it hinders rather than help, some oral types can leave you very nauseated.

period or not: some new ones only allow you to have a period about 4 times per year and others just a regular cycle, its really up to you, personally i would feel abnormal to not have a regular cycle.

are you committed enough to take the pill every day? if your lifestyle or your personality is not really focused on repetition(taking a pill everyday faithfully) then perhaps the pill is not for you and you should consider other contraceptive options...patches, rings, injections etc.

Breast feeding: although you did not specify the age of your new child and if you are breast feeding but F.Y.I . it is really important that if you are you get a low dose contraception as to not affect your baby.

do research: some pills that have been used in the past are now being pulled from the market due to some medical conditions that may arise from the use/misuse of the said meds. please do your research.

I do not advise getting "fixed" but if you're leaning towards that option please be aware of the negative side to this....everyone concentrate on the major positive which is "i will never get pregnant again." make your decisions with your eyes open.

hope this is helpful.

Renae - posted on 02/03/2010




I use a ring, Nuring? I think from the top of my head, they are a bit dear, but you insert it for 3 weeks and take it out for one week for your period and in a new one goes for the next three weeks. I love it, i dont have to worry about anything. No remembering to take pills and then worrying. It definately works for me. Good luck.

User - posted on 02/03/2010




maybe you should consider having a tubal ligation if you no longer want to have kids. no side effects or whatever. but this decision is to be consulted with your husband. because ones you have it, you can no longer reverse it if ever you may want another kid in the future.

Amanda - posted on 02/03/2010




I will also be getting "fixed" after this child, at almost 33 years old, and working on number 4 I am done. I agree with Dara birth control doesnt always work, (ask my first child). :0)

Dara - posted on 02/03/2010




I've decided to get fixed. I'll be 30 after I have this one, and my oldest will be 6 a month and a half after this one....I decided two is enough for me. Birth control isn't always reliable...

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