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Rosy - posted on 11/10/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




So, I have a parenting plan between my ex and myself regarding our 8 year old daughter. I do not have a problem with him remarrying or the fact that my daughter has a step mother I believe that if my child is being well taken care of and loved I do not have a problem with the step mother. My problem is that they are deep into religion and I am not my ex and I use to have decent communication regarding our child, no problems in till they decided to attend church conference in Georgia I guess they had spoken to a pastor and he told them that if you are married the wife/husband are not allowed to speak to the opposite sex so in other words my ex is not allowed to speak to me even if we have a child... she has taken control of everything, they treat me like if I am a crack head I've asked her repeatedly stop tex my phone stop coming to my house I've requested to speak to him but nothing I don't know what to do I know that she shouldn't even be contacting me but she still is and she wont stop. when they pick up my daughter she examines her from heat to toe if she has a headband that I gave her she makes her return it back to me I've tried and been extra nice to them but she going over board and I don't know how to put a stop to her any advice anyone?


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Monica - posted on 11/13/2016





Others mention speaking to your attorney. Well first off many questions need to be asked.
Where were you married?
Where were you separated (divorced)?
Did you go to court to complete the separation/dissolution?
Is there still a judge assigned to the case?
Did the judge agree to your plan of custody?
Did you have an attorney for the matter?

In any event the court will need to review the custody agreement to see if his family is even fit to have joint custody of your daughter. You may also want to seek a restraining order against the new wife.


Grammieann - posted on 11/12/2016




Hi Rosy, This is a difficult situation for all involved, and being a part of a blended family is never easy. Could you ask your attorney about the possibility of you writing a letter to your ex or even contacting him at his work? In the end, you have to do what is best for your daughter, no matter what that may entail. I am a Christian myself, and I do understand your need to be on the same page regarding your child. I will be praying for you that you are able to reach an agreement that works for everyone.

Michelle - posted on 11/11/2016




I agree with Shawnn. Your lawyer can send her a letter saying that if she doesn't stop contacting you then you will press harassment charges against her.
He can also say that anything to do with the child must be only discussed between you and Dad.

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