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What is a good way to work o co-parenting with someone that keeps flipping a light switch on and on when they want to work with you? My kid’s dad we knew each other for 6 years but then started to mess around I ended up pregnant and he stopped talking to me the whole pregnancy I had no contact with him. He was unsure that the kid would be his and I understood that since we were not official but when dna said otherwise he still didn't step up. now my daughter is 2 1/2 my kids dad has is moments where we both are doing good with communicating and working together for our daughters best interest. But it never fails when his ex comes and goes in his life that’s when things don't work well with us. When she not around we do good when she is in his life he shuts off communication and working positively together. Has anyone delt with this and how did you stay ok and calm and not frustrated. And if anyone has delt with this did any one figure out how to solve the issue of shutting off and then turning back on communication and working well. I’m beside myself because it is a pattern that should end and stop affecting our daughter’s best interest. Because I’m beside myself with how to handle him he tried to say I’m pushing him away now and I have not change on my end it is always on his end that changes.


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Yes! As evelyn said gt all paper work done. That way all parties involved know when and what need to b done. For the childs best interest. U keep urside clean by falling what the court and lawyers suggest. Wat u gta remember is that the both of u gta do wats best for the child. And always put the childs needs first. So regardless of exes or other things that child shuld cum first. Even if it means u gta go "running afta him". Its nt for u, ur pride and ego mite gt bruised, bt that wil b nothing compared to not having answers for ur child once the questions start. Goodluck.

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