Coping for the pain and anger that my adult daughter have caused me!

Arlene - posted on 12/06/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My oldest child left a week before graduating in high school and married her boyfriend when she turned 18,it's been 3 years and I've tried to reach out but I was blocked in any forms of communications! I was scared to go to her work place fearing that she will disrespect second daughter did the same thing except that she was brainwashed by her gay male best friend to live with them... They ruined the college funds that I purchased for them... I was betrayed and now I have my 11 years old son left and I'm scared to love him fearing that he will do the same.. I tend to ask myself...what did I do wrong??? I was so focused giving them a good life after my divorced and still all my hard work did not help me!! I read several post and I saw that I'm not the only one but still heart breaking to see that the once loving children are not the same and was corrupted by this evil society that we are living in.. I found myself crying every day that I'm alone and still wondering WHY? I never controlled their lives and all I wanted was for them to have a better life and not a burden to the society... But I guessed I was wrong...


Ev - posted on 12/06/2015




That is the want the best for them and you raised them the best you knew how. At 18, they can fly from the nest and go into the world and do as they feel the need to do. All you can do is keep open connections for them and when they feel the need to they will come back to you. Do not hold yourself from your son though. He needs you like you need him. Life is not easy and we have to face what we are dealt with. So the girls did not do things like you would have wanted them too, just keep the lines of communication open and when they figure out that you were right on some things, they will call or come see you. AS for your son, get involved and stay involved. Just because his sisters did this does not mean he will. And I suggest that you seek counseling for your depression.

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