Coping poorly with lack of justice children received

Hilary - posted on 01/18/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I witnessed my children being sexually abused on August 8, 2011. I followed all the proper procedures: police report, children services, sexual abuse examinations etc. However, since my children were 11 mos and 2 years old at the time and could not provide testimony the police and cps chalked it up to my word against his. They ignored physical evidence that I submitted and the inconclusive medical exams of my children. Though everyone could state the statistic that in 80% of cases were abuse is admitted the tests come back inconclusive.
When he received unsupervised visits and was not ordered to pay any back child support something in me snapped and I started shoplifting. I was 32 year old high school math teacher with nothing more than 2 speeding tickets on my entire record to stealing. In my mind, if he could get away with heinous crimes and still not support but see the boys then I was not going to struggle to support them. I realize this is not sane or rational thinking nor appropriate; I guess it was just an outlet for me to deal with the imaginable rage, anger and fear I was dealing with.
I am just looking for any advice or opinions or stories of how others dealt poorly with these traumatic events so that I can maybe help to understand why I did this and cost me and my family everything.
Thank you

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