Coping with husband who is deployed and cheating.

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We have been married 10 years. He has been active duty the whole time. We have no kids together however, we do have my daughter (17) who he has raised since she was 6 and his son who is 12 that came to live with us two years ago. H went to training before his deployment and came back stating he thinks he wants to seperate. I was surprised as we just bought a house and he was preparing to deploy the following month. I flat out asked him if he had met someone (he said he didn't). So I told him if he really feels like he wants a divorce that he should leave. He did. For one night then came back home, we talked and he said he was confused. I told him not to come back if until he made up his mind and that I wan't the type who could live with him knowing he loved me but wasn't in love with me and wanted to leave. I asked him not to send mixed signals and to take the time to make a choice. He was back home and acted like things were fine. I had thought in the back of my mind "what if he was just keeping peace until deployment to avoid having to move out?" When I told him how I felt he just charmed his way around it and basically to me he wouldn't do that. So fast forward he deployed last week. I have heard from him twice, the second conversation he was down and anxious to hang up. I suspected (maybe have a suspicious mind) but my instincts were right. He has allready emailed a woman(girl) he met while he was gone training and not only that he has called her twice. The email she sent him went something like, "I really like you, your the sweetest etc....then P.S. I wish I was in your arms. His response was "Thank you for being you, the most wonderful person inside and out. I love everything about you. P.S. I can't wait for the day I can look into those dreamy eyes." Yes, cheesy I know. I need to know how to handle this. 1. Confrontation? Geeze he has only been gone a week. 2. Continue to monitor his emails, print them, get proof? 3. Accept his calls (if he does call) pretent things are fine while I gather my info? 4. Don't communicate with him at all, don't take his calls etc...

Please help me cope!

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