Coping with son moving out

Webbie - posted on 08/10/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I need help and encouragement. My only child, my son, who is 26, has always lived at home b/c he was going to school here--two undergraduate degrees, now working on a master's degree most of his friends lived at home and he said it was unnecessary to pay extra expenses when he lived within 15 minutes of the college. Starting this past January he got an assistantship with $$ coming in every month. Without my knowledge two other students asked him to move in with them. They went as far as looking at apartments, applying for one and signing a least. I found out about this through an email generated by a credit monitoring agency (he has had credit cards under our accounts and somehow that triggered the check to the agency). Turns out my husband knew this was coming but he didn't tell me either. I felt so betrayed because I thought our family communication was better than this and I have had only had 3 weeks to acclamate to this change in our family. I told both of them that anything that changes our family dynamics should have been known by everyone. Anyway, not only is it hard to face him moving out so quickly but I just feel blindsided since neither of them told me. At tmes I am ok but then other times I still get angry. I had anticipated having more than 3 weeks to get used to this idea. I'm not sure now whether I can believe anything that either of them tell me. Any ideas on how to (1) adjjust to this change which is happening in 6 more days and (2) re-establish the trust in what they tell me? I feel unsure of what is happening and b/c of this lack of communication regarding the move itself, I doubt what sort of communication we will have in the future. Am I being unreasonable? What advice can someone give me to get through this.

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