cops called cause my daughter had a tantrum

Kristina - posted on 08/18/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




let me start with my partner and I are excepting a baby, our first child is 2 in November and is going through tantrums when I tell her no she screams back at me until she gets what she wants. one morning she just wouldn't stop so I put her on her bed and shut the door until she calmed down went in gave her kiss and cuddle and she watched tv. half an hour later I had the cops at my door saying that had a call about a screaming child and was concerned so I had to explain, they came in checked her she was calm and watching tv at this time so they said all good one of the officers said that they have kids and know excually what its like. it has scared me because now every time she has a tantrum I am afraid the cops will show up.


Jodi - posted on 08/18/2015




"she screams back at me until she gets what she wants"

I just want to say, this comment struck me. She screams UNTIL she gets what she wants. That tells me.....she gets what she wants if she screams loudly enough for long enough. Unfortunately you have built a rod for your own back by giving in too much and now you have to suck up the consequences of that. You have, unfortunately, created what we would call a "catch 22". If you give in because you are worried the cops will be called, you will create a spoiled brat. But if you allow her to scream until she realises she will not get her way, the cops may be called.

Do you know who called them? Maybe you could explain to whoever that was that you are trying to teacher her no means no right now and sometimes that results in screaming until she realises she will not win that battle. That you are certain it will pass once she realises that when mummy says no, mummy means no. If you've been giving in to her up until now, it will take a little time.

You also need to be REALLY consistent about this. If every now and then you DO give in, her behaviour will not improve. Go and read about Pavlov's dogs and you will see how this is conditioned behaviour and you can't get rid of it without absolute consistency.

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