corporal punishment

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i live in the Caribbean and we believe strongly in thumping as you guys call it some time it can get out of control our societies are different as are our children but i am trying to cope with a diificult four year old and i need help


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First thing to do id to stay calm no matter what. If this involves what i call mommy time out's so be it. ( you give yourself a timeout simple as that, go sit in your room with the door closed for 5 minutes and just calm down)

What are the actions that you find difficult? If you are specific we can all help you a little better.

I don't fully like timeouts but it is worth a try.

Normal 4 yr old problems-

problems transitioning. if they are having fun and you tell them to clean their room they might kick up attitude. The best way to deal with this is to give warning. Say in 15 minutes we're going to clean out room. Remind them at 10 minutes and 5 minutes.

Whinning- simply ignore it. respond to them if they used a normal tone. It seems at this age that is just how they communicate when upset.

Not telling the full truth- They actually don't understand that lying and cheating is bad yet. They have their own version of reality. Instead of focusing on the lie, tell them it's okay in a way. For example they spilled milk and deny it. Say i know how hard it is for me to handle the whole gallon too. Will you help me clean it up?

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