correlation between crawling and reading??

Antoinette - posted on 04/26/2010 ( 16 moms have responded )




Has anyone heard about a correlation between baby's crawling and reading? That late or non-crawlers have a harder time reading compared to early crawlers/walkers...? Just curious, because my son whose almost 9 months doesn't seem interested in crawling and I wonder if he'll just start walking before crawling. Some people tell me not to worry about him crawling so much, others say to keep practicing with him.....


Rose - posted on 04/28/2010




Antoinette this correlation is absolutely correct. It is also connected to Mathematics. Its called "lateral brain development" Yes, babies belong on the floor. Our new generation of "upright" toys, swings, walkers etc are totally contradictory of where and how children should grow. Get down on your belly with your baby and play, keep developing games to help him crawl, even after he walks, it will build new connections and pathways in his brain. Check out the Philedelphia Hospital for Child Development. Still, no worries about it he will be who he is! And thats a wonderful thing.

Joanna - posted on 04/08/2013




I have seven children. I homeschool. I taught all of my children to read, save one. Try as I may, I was unable to teach Andrew. I had to take him to a specialist. He never really crawled. Just walked early. Intelligence is not the problem. I thought he would do great in school because when he was at the age where questions are constantly asked, he asked questions I couldn't answer. He also struggeled mightily with math, at first. I thought he would never do long division. When it came to algebra, he did everything in his head. He knew the answers but couldn't tell me how he got them. In June, he will be 19. He still avoids reading and writing as much as possible. He is a carpenter.

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Tracy - posted on 09/07/2012




Absolutely, Antionette! I'm nearly 50 now, and more than 25 years ago several studies came out informing us that babies who crawl longer (up to and past the age of 1) are much better readers later in life. Crawling builds neuro pathways that walking does not. Enourage your babies to crawl, and don't be pressured by other moms around you who have their babies walking early. How early your babies walk is not important at all! The proof is in the pudding, and your child/children will have a much easier time in school as a result! Mine certainly did, and I give all the credit to their excellent reading skills. (Both did not walk until after the age of 1).

Gwen - posted on 04/28/2010




My 2 y/o daughter never really "crawled". She did the army crawl, on her elbows, almost until the day she walked at 15 months. She LOVES her books, letters, colors and has a huge vocabulary. I don't think one has anything to do with the other.

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The idea that the crawling is important is because it requires the left and the right side to coordinate - they will get that anyway so that they can move one leg at a time when they walk. at 9 months you definately dont have anything to worry about - but then playing with him to encourage his development never hurts!

I havent heard about the correlation but Reading actually requires us to develop a completely different part of the brain as reading is not actually a natural skill - playing with them with actual books will help with that as reading from a screen develops the brains in a different way to reading from a page.

In any case as long as your son is developing and he is healthy and happy you dont have anything to worry about - just enjoy the experience before he starts trying to get everywhere he isnt supposed to be :)

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My first never crawled but walked around the furniture from 6&half mths and walked form 10-11 mths but once walking she would crawl sometimes and then back up walking lol.Shes an excellent reader and writes fantastic to shes in school started last year she five yrs old and teacher is very impressed with her so far:-)my second crawling from 9mths and walking at 12mths shes 16mths now so we will see with her in a few years lol.

Iridescent - posted on 04/27/2010




Sounds like a load. They're totally different parts of the brain used for each. My first son crawled at 2 months, walked at 7 months. Wasn't toilet trained until 7 years, and couldn't read until 8 years. He's autistic.

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Haven't heard of that one, but I can't imagine how it would be the case. As Dana said, reading to your children is the way to go in getting them interested in words and books. Join the library to get plenty of books and activities.

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I did hear about that too, but I also heard that the main factor in kids being smart is being read to extensively as children. So I suggest getting your hands on as many age appropriate books as you can (join the library and you'll have a never ending supply), and read a book before every single nap and in between if he's keen. More importantly, make if fun and enjoyable, so choose books he loves, cuddle up and engage him, let him turn the page if he wants, let him feel any touchy feeling things on the pages, etc. He will then always subconsciously associate reading with that special feeling of comfort and closeness to you.
I think the main reason for the supposed crawling/reading association is that crawling requires co-ordination of the left brain and the right brain, which is also required for reading. But even walking requires that co-ordination, so I wouldn't worry. I don't think it matters when they do it as long as the skills get learned.

Angie - posted on 04/26/2010




I've heard something about that but none of my children crawled - they went straight to walking between10 and 11 months) and they all read well above reading level. My 17 year old was reading off the charts by 5th grade, same with my 12 year old. My 9 year old, 3rd grader reads at an 8th grade reading level. So much for that theory - LOL!

Eleisha - posted on 04/26/2010




Never heard of it. My sister and I never crawled (I walked at 7 months and she walked at 9 months). I could read (meaning recognise around 30 -40 words out of an unknown book by aged 4) and my sister was doing the came by aged 5.
My other sister bum shuffled (which is a recognised form of crawling) and could read at the same level as me and her other sister by age 8.
A little boy I nannied for never crawled and walked late and he is 5 and can read very well. I really don't believe there is a link; it think it depends firstly on the child; and how much a child is read to at an early age :)

Kristin - posted on 04/26/2010




I don't know if I buy it. If you want your kid to be a reader and to have less trouble, read to him. You child will learn to crawl when he is ready.

Tanya - posted on 04/26/2010




yeah I don't buy it. My little brother walked super early but never crawled and is smarter then any of us. I've heard doctors say kids are crawling less and less because of not enough tummy time. We all used to sleep on our tummies until we found out sleeping on our backs reduced sids. and my girl crawled at 10 months and walked at a year not a biggie.

Jenna - posted on 04/26/2010




You know, I have heard of that correlation but I really don't buy it. All children learn in different ways and at their own pace. Just because he isn't interested in crawling doesn't mean he is incapable of crawling. It's also not that unheard of for children to not crawl until they are closer to a year. My son chose not to roll over consistantly until he was 5 and a half months old.. He has been capable since he was 2 months old. It might be a confidence thing.

If you are concerned about his ability to read in the future, read books to him now even if he has no idea what you are saying. He'll see the words and hear the words that will stimulate intellectual development. =)

Christina - posted on 04/26/2010




I have never heard about that one and neither my sister nor I crawled and we haven't had a problem in reading and my husband didn't crawl until after he started walking and now he has a masters in from my experience, there is no truth in that :D

Jodi - posted on 04/26/2010




Never heard that one, and I can't imagine there is any truth in it because it uses two different parts of the brain......

And no, you shouldn't worry. Some babies never crawl. My daughter started crawling 2 weeks before she was up and walking!! Crawling after 9 months is not that unusual.

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