coughing constantly

Debbie - posted on 01/03/2013 ( 8 moms have responded )




my 5 year old grandson has been coughing since school started with the exception of one dose of antibiotics and a few weeks break. We are going crazy The Dr says he will grow outof it? He coughs after lunch at recess when they are running till it makes him throw up Help anyone been here??


Dove - posted on 01/03/2013




He could have allergies or asthma. I coughed all day and night every day and night for 3.5 years straight before I went to the doctor (I know, I know... lol). Two weeks on a Flovent inhaler and the cough quit completely. It still gets triggered sometimes, but I can get it under control now cuz I have the right treatment for it.

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Sounds like Asthma. I'd get an appointment set up as soon as possible. Sometimes in kids, it presents itself as an annoying cough. It just stays there and lingers and lingers. Exersize will make asthma worse and so will temperature changes. Meds will help if it is indeed asthma.

Good luck.


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Has he been tested for asthma? Or as little miss said, it could be a condition similar to hers...I had the same problem when I was young.


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It sounds like asthma. My daughter gets like that at certain times of the year, so we put her on preventatives. However, whatever it is, it is not normal. It may be worth seeing a respiratory pediatrician.

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If it is an infection, tea tree oil will clear it up. 5 drops on the soles of the feet at night time.

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I took my daughter to the doctor after she had a cough for over 3 weeks. Cough drops, cough syrups, and meds with cough stuff in it did nothing. The doctor examined her and determined that she had asthma. I had not thought that a cough could determine something like that. The doc told us that there are two types of coughs and what my daughter had was the sort that those with asthma have. SHe was given inhalers and meds to help take care of it. She is an adult now and has bouts with it off and one because she outgrew the worst of it. I am not saying your child has asthma but its something you might want to ask about the next time you take the child to the doctor. Other wise, what Little Miss said is probably the case.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/03/2013




Yup. That is me as a kid. Often it can be caused by post nasal drip. That is how I get it. I get bronchitis constantly from it. Cold air enhances it. Cold drinks, and anything with sugar. Have a cool mist humidifier in his room at night, and if he needs cough drops, use the sugar free halls. I still have it. I have never grown out of it. My son seems to have it also.

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