Could gluten be causing my DS1s behavior issues?

Jennifer - posted on 11/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 26 motnhs old, he doesnt talk yet, and is pretty aggresive, he hits, throws things and has the worlds worst temper tantrums...we started a gluten free diet about 4 days ago, and so far things are going really great, he is starting to use words now, and has calmed down a lot, i finally have my little boy back, my problem is my MIL thinks im crazy, and that his aditude is all in my head and that hes just fine the way he was, i want to know if im right to think what i think, could the gluten in the food we eat really be causing his problems? ive tried to do a lot of research on it, but cant come up with a whole lot of info, is there a website or somehting i can print off and show her? has anyone else had this experience? i need some help here.

Also i would love to be able to talk to, or make friends with other moms who use a gluten free diet to help control their child/rens outburst, and other behavior issues, im feeling pretty alone with everything on this as i dont know anyone who is in a similar situation...


Michelle - posted on 11/07/2012




Diet can definitely effect how a child behaves, don't worry about what your mil thinks if this is working and you and your husband are happy with the changes that is all that matters. A glutten free diet eliminates a lot of foods in our diet that we were never meant to eat. Allergies or intolerance to foods can cause adverse reactions in our bodies. Find yourself a naturopath doctor who can help you learn and understand about these what foods your child has an intolerance for and go from there. There is nothing wrong with taking a pro active approach to dealing with a difficult child.

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