could i be exaggerating if i get depressed when my husband goes out with his friends?

Sandra - posted on 05/31/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I get really sad when my husband tells me he's going out. I feel like I have to be stuck at home with my 6 month old boy( I haven't gone out since we moved in together which is a year ago) He's never asked do you want to go or why don't you go out I'll stay with the baby. I feel like he's inconsiderate of my feelings. I want to go out too and have fun I think moms need a little break once in a while. How can I talk to him ? Oh and I now live 1 hr away from my family and friends which make me even sadder because I feel like I have no one to hang out with


Rebekah - posted on 05/31/2013




I agree with Michelle. You need to speak up and let him know what you need. Be direct, but don't blame or accuse...that will just start an argument.

An hour from friends/family isn't insurmountable...find a midway point where you could meet and hang out. And if you can't get a sitter, take baby with you to visit with your friends! I know, it isn't quite the same as completely getting away, but you'd still get to see your friends or family and not feel so isolated. Find a park in between where you live, bring the stroller, and go for a walk with your friends and catch up.

Meanwhile, see if you can network a bit where you live and build some new friendships. See if there are any groups you can join (like a Mommy and Me kind of thing...not sure the age bracket on that one) so you can connect with other moms. You will make new friends and get good tips on babysitters so that you and your husband can get some quality time out too.

Michelle - posted on 05/31/2013




You need to tell him how you are feeling otherwise he doesn't know. Men aren't mindreaders. Let him know that you would love to get a babysitter one night and the just the 2 of you head for a meal or something.


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