Could I be pregnant?

Patricia - posted on 01/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a feeling that I might be pregnant. My husband and I normally use condoms but a few days before my last period (my period was dec 11-17) there was an incident that could have possibly gotten me pregnant. That period I had extremely painful cramping which I rarely ever have cramping. Then last on the 26th, I started to get bad cramping again and it started with slight spotting that was mucus like and then one day it was like a regular period then spotting for a couple more days on and off. In total that lasted 4 days. I have been extremely tired and I havnt been nauses but my stomach hasnt felt quite right. Like my lower abdomen feels a little uneasy and like there is pressure. I have also has some acid reflux. I'm also peeing a little more. I took a home test on the 30th but it came back negative. But im pretty sure i took it to early to know so im not convinced that im not pregnant. I do have a doctors appointment on the 3rd and Im going to have them do a blood test. Any responses would be appreciated! Thanks!


S&S - posted on 01/01/2013




Take another pregnancy test if you want to ease your mind. I took three when I found out I was pregnant. And don't cheap out. Get a good one. It makes all the difference- I would have only had to take one if I did that! Saves running around to the drug store over and over.

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