could i be pregnant?

Jennifer - posted on 08/31/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 31 years old. I have 3 children ages 15,14,&9. I had my tubes tied after my last child at the age of 22. 9 years ago. Recently I have been very moody very emotional. I'm sweating under my arms alot!! Something I've never done. The past three days I've been getting sick in the mornings. Been having a crazy taste for sour things. Lemons,pickle juice I drink out the jar. My breast have been real sensitive. And I haven't had my period at all this month today is the 31st. My husband brought this to my attention last night. I've heard of rare cases of this happening but now I feel very frightened from all the side effects that could come from a tubal pregnancy. I on the other hand think I may be going through early menopause. Not sure but my grandmother told me since I had my first child at 15 my second at 16 ,I started very young, that maybe because I put my body through these changes that I could be starting menopause early. Any advice would be nice right now I feel scared my husband is worried that if it is a tubal pregnancy than it could be harmful to me or the baby. I feel lost right now and I can't afford a regular doctor. I'm a stay at home mom who we just also adopted my 3 year old niece who has ADHD. Please help!!!


Gena - posted on 09/01/2014




You have to make a plan to go see a doctor..if you are pregnant then you have to go to doctor. I dont know in wich country you live,but are there any goverment hospitals where you wouldnt have to pay?

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