could I be pregnant

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I am 46 had my tubes tied for 21 years have a cycle that starts between 25-28 of each month ..has been coming on schedule no problems in December, JJanuary 29 lasting through February 5th then I came back on February 20 lasting through 25th has sex on 19th and sex again on 25th 26th. I have not seen my cycle since February breast look like ballons, I crave for weird foods my husband' appetite has pick up I and he is emotional, I have moods swings more irritated nauseous all the time body is changing completely I am always tired sleep alot. I took a pregnancy test it came back negative twice then I had an ultrasound for a research program I was gonna try I saw something in my uterus and the tech said it looks like I was ovulating that was March 27th ..Here it is April 6th no cycle negative test not bloated I look pregnant feel pregnant...should I wait til the 21st of April that would place me at 2 months or go to the doctor an have the blood test done . Reason why I have high protein in my urine I read it will give a negative reading . When do I go to the doctor my husband don't want to wait any longer he wants me to be pregnant I want to but I'm scared I am to early ...HELP


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I answered already on the MANY duplicate threads....which I have had to delete.

Yes, you need to go see the doctor. The sooner the better. If you have had your tubes tied since you were 25 years old most likely there is something else going on.

Most doctors will NOT do a tubal ligation on anyone younger than 30. There is always the slim chance that the ligation failed. Either way, go to your doctor.

Chana - posted on 04/06/2015




Even if you have had your tubes tied you could be pregnant. If you think that you are it wouldn't hurt to get a blood test. That is the only way to know for sure. Being that you are 46 you would be considered advanced maternal age so the sooner you know if you are the sooner you can begin taking great care of that baby! Since you are hoping you are I will so Good Luck and let us know what happens.

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