could i be pregnant again? PLEASE help!

Krista - posted on 12/26/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




i have noticed i gained a few lbs and my stomach looks a little on the pregnant side. this would be my 3rd pregnancy. my second i did notice i started to show a lot earlier than my first. (i could tell after a month my tummy looked bigger) i did take a pregnancy test at the dr a few weeks ago but could it have been too early to tell? i have been having headaches and ive been feeling a little sick, im suppose to be having my period right now but im barely spotting, also having cramps especially after sex.. but most of all my stomach looks pregnant! or maybe im just getting fat? lol what do ya think?


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Well if this is your potential 3rd pregnancy then you know the drill. Monitor your cycle, recall the last time you ovulated and had sex, wait until your period is late, then pee on a home pregnancy test. Seriously, lots of women ask this same exact question and how on earth are we really supposed to answer? Your symptoms are indicitive of pregnancy. But we're nothing but a bunch of internet strangers, not mind readers. Good luck to you in whatever the results are.


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Janine - posted on 12/27/2011




Could you be expecting twins? With each pregnancy you show earlier. When I was expecting my twins (7th pregnancy) I showed real quick.

Leslie - posted on 12/27/2011




I knew I was pregnant after four days being late from my period. with my first one child. I was three weeks along.

My boobs went from size A to B34 in three weeks.

i did take a test and I was pregnant.

it can show early.

Kelina - posted on 12/27/2011




ditto teresa lol. With my first I didn't start showing until almost 4 months. My second It was closer to 2 months. And now with thi one I started popping about a week after I found out I was pregnant. Which was according considering I tested positive 4 days before my period was due.

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I didn't start showing til after 12 weeks w/ my twins (first pregnancy), but was popping out at 5 weeks w/ my son (technically 4th pregnancy, but 3rd baby).

Krista - posted on 12/27/2011




i cant go to the dr cuz im out of state for the holidays.. but i just took an at home pregnancy test n it came out positive! my period is suppose to be today, but im still wondering why i would be showing already?? i would only be about 4or5 weeks.

Jocelyn - posted on 12/27/2011




You have two choices
A) Ask a Magic 8 Ball, or (better yet)
B) Go to the doctor and get another blood pregnancy test

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