could i be pregnant? im 9 days late

Bettsy - posted on 07/25/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




ok so my period is 9 days late. i had been pretty regular for the past couple of months. i keep track of my period on this app and my boyfriend just knows when im supposed to get my monthly visitor lol. ok so my problem was that a few days ago i had really horrible pain, it felt like i was getting stabbed inside of my vaginal area? i dont know if that makes sense but in the past ive had pains like that before (around 6 months ago my gyno actually told me that he couldnt check to see what the problem was unless i went to his office during one of these episodes) unfortunately im nowhere near him right now so i just tried staying in bed and kept my moving to a minimum. i told my boyfriend this and then i asked him if he remembered when my period was due he was like yeah on the 17th(I thought i was going to get my period)....uh we were already on the 19th lol so i was like ok then im just a little late. so here i am today 9 days late i thought i felt little cramps like if i was going to get my period just last night, but after having intercourse wellll nothing happend today i feel super. no pains, no cramps i have been pretty sleepy lately but im always a tad lazy so i wouldnt count that as a symptom.

i want to take a pregnancy test but i dont know if its too early. my boyfriend says just to wait till next month and if i dont get my period by then, then we should test. =)

im sorry if i posted this on the wrong place its my first post and well im a little new.

idk if this could help yall but these are my most recent periods
may 16-21
june 17-23
july it was supposed to start around the 17th but IT HASNT =)

ok so ill be waiting for your comments and opinions =)


Emily - posted on 07/25/2012




If you're already late, it's definitely NOT too early to take a test. If you're pregnant, a test should be VERY accurate by now. TEST! TEST! ;)

One of my very first symptoms with both of my pregnancies was period-like cramping.


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