Could I be Pregnant? Tests say no

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First a little background information. Jan. 2012 I got my Mirana IUD taken out (been on for almost 5 years) and got put on the pill (was on pill before I had my daughter in 2005). I have always started my period same time each month (tuesday afternoon at latest). I am not the best at taking my med. same time everyday. Around thanksgiving I missed 2 pills caught up then miss a pill again. Just so happens it was during my ovulation period. I was experiencing fatigue, had light pink clear discharge (more of a water substance than milky or thickness), cramping, and had an odd peacefulness over all with mood. At 4 days late I took a hpt came back neg. Did not start next pill pack in case I was pregnant. At 1 week late went to Dr. office and both urine and blood work came back neg. Currently I am almost 3 weeks late on my period and plan to take test after 3 weeks late. If neg I have my annual ob/gyn appt. in about 3 weeks and will talk to dr then. Just wanted some input from other women/mothers out there to find out if they have went through similar experiences with either neg or pos pregnancy results. Thanks in advance.


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I have had pregnancy test come back as neg. before too, but I took them probably about 3 times about 3 days or so later and each one said neg . but the last one came back positive. If you don't have enough hcg hormone in the body , it will come out as neg.

But, then on the other hand you have been on the pill for a while, even though you missed several times. The thing is that the pill can cause alot of complications and messing your period up is one of them. You might want to check it out about the complications from the pill and even the mirana IUD thing..

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