Could i be pregnant with negative blood test at 9 weeks

Chocjohan - posted on 03/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




i do not track my ovulation but i usually get signs that let me know i am ovulating. in february, i fooled around with my boyfriend 3 days after i thought i had ovulated. there was no penetrative sex, just fingering. however, i do fear that he may have touched himself whilst we were fooling around and thus introduced sperm to my vagina. anyway, 2 weeks after my supposed day of ovulation i had my period. it was lighter than normal (i usually empty my cup every 2-3 hours, this time i was emptying every 5-6 hours) and it lasted 3 not 4 days. my doctor said my flow was lighter because i had just finished taking a week long course of prednisone, a steroid. I took a home pregnancy test when my period began, it was negative. 2 weeks after my period i seemed to ovulate and 2 weeks later again i got my period. it was still lighter than normal, emptying my cup every 5-6hours versus my usual 2-3 hours. i took 2 home pregnancy tests just prior to the beginning of this period, they were both negative. if i did conceive in February, i would be around 9 weeks 2 days pregnant. right now i am due to ovulate and i decided to test again for pregnancy. i bought 2 no name brand test strips and i got faint lines on both. i then went to the hospital for a qualitative blood test, and the result was negative. my question is, could i be pregnant, or the lines i saw on the test strips are just evaporation lines? i have no signs of pregnancy what so ever


Gena - posted on 03/29/2014




I think if the blood test was negative then you arent pregnant.The blood test would have been able to detect hcg hormones if you were 9weeks,so i dont think you are pregnant.

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