Could I skip giving my baby cereal and start him on pureed foods?

Daisy - posted on 12/06/2011 ( 21 moms have responded )




I am going to start feeding my preemie son next month. He will be 8 months but he's 4 months premature. Anyway my question is could I start pureed foods and no cereal? I am breast feeding him and there is no way I want to pump milk to add to cereal. I dont have the time for that and it hurts so bad to use the pump.


Patricia - posted on 11/30/2012




My pediatrician said cereal was just as bad as feeding your baby juice.

She suggested starting with the veggies first- one at a time and record any allergies. Don't introduce any others until you know for sure he can handle the first one.

Nikki - posted on 12/06/2011




I agree with Joy, babies do not need cereal and new research is suggesting it is not the wonder baby food it was once thought to be. Food before 12 months is just for practice, so they don't need much but you are better off starting with foods rich in nutrients. A friend posted a link about this subject recently, I will see if I can find it.

Erica - posted on 12/13/2011




The way i did it was baby food into the rice cereal each time you feed him. Not only does it get him introduced to food but it also highers the calories and makes up for the breast milk. And also helps keep you from having to pump every time

Callie - posted on 12/11/2011




Like someone else said rice cereal is suggested because it the least likely to cause allergies. Our pediatrician told us starting with fruits/veggies is fine and she did it personally with her son. I made all of my daughters food and was encouraged to do so by our ped because she doesn't like all the added stuff in jar food. We started with avocados, sweet potatoes and banana


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You can go right to pureed foods - I however like the idea of cereal for breakfast! It is healthy and I throw pureed fruit in my sons. He eats it EVERY morning and has for the past 10 months! He is so use to it and loves it, that even when he is being fussy and can't be bothered to eat - he WILL eat his cereal for breakfast.....

Saesha - posted on 12/12/2011




You can start pureed foods at anytime, but cereal is important for babies diets since it usually contains iron and other vitamins and minerals that are good for babies. If pumping is uncomfortable and you don't want to do it anymore that necessary you can use water in the cereal instead of breastmilk.

Jessica - posted on 12/11/2011




I tryed cereal but my daughter wouldn't eat it so I went rate to pureed foods.. And she's fine

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I'm w/ the others that it's fine to skip cereal.

My girls DID have it (and a lot of it), but w/ my son I only used it a few random times to thicken up a soupier baby food. We didn't use a whole lot of baby food either though since he wasn't eating on a daily basis til around a year.

Does your baby seem actually interested in food or are you just thinking of starting cuz you think you should? Either way I'd keep it slow. Being 4 months early... how far behind in development is he? If he's still like a 4 month old... it should be perfectly fine to wait a couple more months.

Jenni - posted on 12/07/2011




I had nothing but problems with rice cereal for my first. I find it such a strange food to introduce first. It's high in startch and very difficult to digest.

So with my second I skipped cereal and went straight to purees. I introduced them to her later (excluding rice cereal) around 8-9 months. I mostly used barely and oatmeal and would mixed pureed food with it just for some variety of flavour. But it was never a main staple in her diet.

Minnie - posted on 12/07/2011




Skip both. Stick a piece of avocado or an egg yolk in front of him and let him have at it.

Kellie - posted on 12/07/2011




Yep, go straight to the real stuff. Cereal is a waste of money and time.

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My opinion is, no baby cereal at any age. It's garbage.

Start him on bananas, avocados, plain yogurt, egg yolks, if you feel he is ready. But at 4 months adjusted, there is no need to rush. Good luck!

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The only reason we're told to start with rice cereal is because apparently rice allergies are rare. It doesn't matter, you can feed him whatever you're most comfortable with. I wouldn't introduce cereals first though, if I could do that over.

Daisy - posted on 12/06/2011




thanks you guys! Pediatrician really sucks and It seems like she forgets or doesnt care he's a preemie! I feel rushed out of the doctors office but that's with every damn doctor I get for me, my daughter, now my son! Doctor is the one that said I could start to feed him last month! I told her isn't that to early? She's all well if he starts to vomit then stop feeding him!! She told me to first start with rice cereal. But i was thinking the same thing what nutrional value do those cereal have? Doesn't seem like it would have any. Hm maybe I will try some peas in a few weeks.

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yeah you can just use water with the cereal you don't have to use breastmilk. or just skip it and try pretty much anything else mashed or cut up small so they can gum it.

Dana - posted on 12/06/2011




I wouldn't give him cereal. I gave my son rice cereal at age 5 months which was 3 months adjusted. The first time he ate it he was fine, the second time he had a reaction (vomiting, lethargic, etc...). I then had to keep him off of all grains until he was 13 months old and retested. It was a real pain in the ass to have to go through all foods to make sure there wasn't any grains added, and rice flour is in EVERYTHING baby. So I would forgo the cereal. Have you talked with your doctor and made sure it's okay to start feeding him purees since he's only 4 months adjusted?

Ianina - posted on 12/06/2011




My twins never had cereal, only pureed foods. There is no reason to feed a baby cereal IMO

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Babies don't HAVE to have cereal. Some studies actually say that rice cereal isn't healthy for babies. I say first, make sure with your pediatrician that it's ok to go ahead with either, or both. If the doc says ok, I don't see a problem with skipping cereal. I'm sure a lot of ladies on here will give you MUCH more helpful advice than mine lol No matter what anyone here says though, it's always best to check with the doc or a nutritionist first :) Good luck Momma!

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