Could my Mirena iud affect breastfeeding my little boy??

Melinda - posted on 05/13/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I had my son on January 10 2014, he latched on at the hospital briefly but when we got home he would not latch at all and screamed until I gave him a bottle, I produced a lot of milk at the beginning so I was able to pump and bottle feed rather then supplement formula. My doctor told me to just keep trying and I had a nurse come to my home and said the same thing, I went to a lactation consultant and she told me he was tongue tied which is why he wasn't latching, we got his tongue clipped at the hospital and I have not had a problem since, he latched that same day. He is now 4 months old and gaining weight perfectly, I had a Mirena iud put in on April 14th, it is now May 13th and I have not bled for all of 2 days since having it put it. I can handle the bleeding, that's not my issue; about 5 days ago I would go to feed my son and he would drink some and then pull off crying, I tried to hand express some milk out to see if it was coming and nothing was there, I switched him over to the other side and same thing, drank a bit and pulled off crying. He is eating 6 oz now and I am having to give him a bottle pretty well every other feed now and it seems to just be getting worse. By the time feeding time comes around I don't feel like im producing anything, I'm getting upset because I only want to give him breast milk, he has had so many tummy issues at first and everything is going wonderfully, I have about 2 weeks worth of breast milk in the freezer and I'm hoping I can get this all figured out before I have to start supplementing with formula... I go to the doctors today so hopefully he will have some type of answer for me. If it is the iud I will be having it removed immediately. Has anyone else had these problems or any reason why I would all of a sudden stop producing enough when before I was pumping an extra 1-2 bottles a day? Thanks!!

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