could the doctors be off on my due date?

Amanda - posted on 10/13/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 33 1/2 weeks pregnant with my third child, the doctors have stopped my labor twice now. I received the two steroid shots to develop her lungs last week. i just got out of the hospital today after getting bags of mag sulf to stop my labor all night, i havent been off of the iv but maybe 6 hours and i am already contracting again, but i really dont think my body can handle any more mag. i feel so weak and sick. my second child was born at 34 weeks with no problems weighing almost 8 pounds. i am wondering if they havent just been off on my due dates?!


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Sarah - posted on 10/14/2012




The doc was 3 weeks off on mine too. I had my dates based by my last period as July 21st. When I went for my 18 weeks ultrasound they said I was barely 15 weeks and redated me as Aug 12th. It was dumb because that would have put my conception date as Nov 19. I found out on Nov 21st I was pregnant. Technically I wouldn't have even been pregnant yet. Even the doc admitted it because at the absolute earliest, I would have had to be 4 weeks along by the time I found out with a home pregnancy test. They held everything back because of the stupid ultrasound. My daughter was born at 41 weeks (my date) 38 weeks (their date). She was still small 5lbs, 15oz, which is why I think the dates were put off, she was just a small baby. We found out when she was 8 months old she has a kidney condition that likely led to her being small. She's still small at 2y old (24lbs).

User - posted on 10/13/2012




thank you, i am just worried about making the wrong decision if i dont let the doctors give me any more mag. my last exam the doctor said that i am not dilated but i am thinned and he can feel her head, my other two children were born csection because i wouldnt dilate, i feel like she is ready there is so much pressure and i am already producing so much milk that i am engorged and leaking i know every pregnancy is different but i didnt produce at all with my other two till after they were born and when i was at the hospital the nurses wouldnt really say much besides we will see what the doctor wants to do, its like they werent really listening to what i have to say about my own body and baby

Megan - posted on 10/13/2012




My dr. was 3 weeks wrong on my due date with my first son. When I went into labor they said I was 2 weeks early and after he was born and evaluated by the pediatrician they realized that he was at least a week overdue. I haven't heard of drs. being that far off but I wouldn't say its not possible either.

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