Could the practice of giving a 2 month old baby the pacifier that has fallen on the carpet be the cause of reflux?



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Liz - posted on 02/04/2013





Reflux is the condition where acid from the stomach (sometimes mixed with partially digested food) travels up through the oesophagus, which is not designed for this in the way that the stomach lining is, so the acid causes irritation and a burning sensation. Sometimes food contents can flow right up into the mouth and give the appearance of vomit.

There are many reasons why this happens, but in babies it's usually to do with the pace of development of their digestive system, meaning that their stomach gets fuller more quickly and is sometimes delayed in emptying.

If the baby's parents have not already seen a pediatrician about ways to manage the reflux, then they should do.

It has nothing to do with giving the child a pacifier that has fallen on the floor, though I wouldn't recommend that for a 2 month old baby for simple reasons of hygiene and germ transference at an age when their immunity has a long way to go to develop.

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