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Aubrey - posted on 06/30/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




Ok, so this was my last post...

I've been on birth control since my daughter was born; 8 months now. I forgot to fill my perscription on time so i was off of it for about a week well on 6/16/2010 me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he said he did a little in me before pulling out. Two days after that i started my period but it was very light and still is i've only had to use one-two tampons a day and i usually have a very heavy flow. I've also had very bad morning diarrhea and my stomach hurts and cramps all day. I guess I'm wondering if i have a great or slim chance of being pregnant even though i started my period, or somewhat my period, two days after sex.

I forgot to add that a few days after the unprotected sex i had horrible morning diarreah. I've had it every day since and it's been 14 days. It was just in the morning but now it's any time during the day. It starts off diarrhea and i still feel like i have to go but i can't. Could this be a sign of pregnancy? With my last pregnancy i didn't have this.



Donna - posted on 07/01/2010




I am lost when it comes to the ovulation thing myself. I had both my boys at the weirdest times. My first son was conceived 3 days before my period started and my second a week after my period. So i would say every women is different and if you don't know what your cycle is for ovulation it is possible to be pregnant. what the norm is for ovulation is not necessarily what it is for you.


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Nekayla - posted on 06/11/2014




Anything is possible :)... every pregnancy is different . From what i have heard is that you can get your period right up to 9 months and still be pregnant , but as i said thats what i heard ...and i believe that ovulation can happen anytime .

Stephanie - posted on 07/02/2010




"sperm can live inside you for up to two weeks :)" this is not true.. they can only live in there for 3 days.. the vagina and uterus are not a stable environment for them to live in

Iridescent - posted on 07/02/2010




Pregnancy tests are much more accurate and less TMI/disturbing/embarrassing to you than answers on a public forum. Each person is different, "normal" is simply at least 50% generally. So ovulation can really happen at any time, and you have to always assume you are pregnant after having sex, even with protection.

User - posted on 07/02/2010




My doctor told me once that some women do ovulate more than once a month. But the reason you bleed is because the uterus is lined with blood in the expectation that the egg will become fertilized. When no fertilization occurs, the egg is expelled and the lining is shed of blood. Hence, your period. That does not mean the if you are pregnant you will not bleed. Many women do have spotting when they are pregnant, but not a full flow.

Candice - posted on 07/01/2010




the other thing to note is that you can technically get pregnant anywhere along your cycle...just because you ovulated a week ago (for example) doesn't mean the egg and sperm partied together right away! sperm can live inside you for up to two weeks :)

Louise - posted on 07/01/2010




I don't think you are pregnant but you do need to see a doctor to have your bowel problems sorted out. You may have an infection of your bowel lining which is causing loose bowel movements and this needs antibiotics. Learn by your mistakes though and always use a condom if you forget your pills if you don't want to have another baby. The stress you are going through at the moment is not nice so protect yourself.

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Not if you've already ovulated. Your period is a sign of unfertilized egg production. Even if a guy pulls out tht is no guarantee that you will not become pregnant. Semen could still be left inside.It's best to get back on your birth control after you are positive you are not pregnant and until then use some form of protection unless you do want to get pregnant

Aubrey - posted on 06/30/2010




Thanks everyone! I was told to take a pregnancy test once i'm closer to my period date. I will keep you updated.

To those of you who think i'm not pregnant; what about the fact that he ejaculated inside of me before pulling out? Does this not matter?

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i would say your not.. since you were off your pill and then had the diarhea i say its hormones not balanced if you will .. now im not on bc i do creighton method.. but some cycles, not all, i clear myself out if you will.. my practioner said that hormones have to do with that.. so again i would say ur not, but you'd have to wait a lil bit b4 you take a test anyways.. good luck and update us!

Amanda - posted on 06/30/2010




Highly doubt you are pregnant, since you were around your period, ovulation has already happened. But I would see a doctor about the diarrhea, 14 days is unreasonible amount of time to have diarrhea.

Stevie - posted on 06/30/2010




best way to know is to test sex can cause your period to start and can sometimes alter it in different ways it will probably be to early to test but worth a shot i think if its neg you might talk to your dr and get some blood taken and that will probably come up but im not sure how soon those start to show i just know they are more accurate and sooner i believe but maybe if you have your bc pills dont take them until you are sure your not pregnant but i think the kind of diarrhea your talking about is or can be a sign of pregnancy ive had it atleast 2 out of the 3 times ive had a baby i did have a miscarrage but i cant remember to much about the little things but like with this pregnacy i know ive had what you describe and constipation both not at the same time but yeah good luck

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