Could this be Autism?

Shannon - posted on 03/24/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello! I have a 6 yr old son who is in kindergarten. He was adopted at 9 months and before that had some history of trauma. He can be really shy and quiet but has come such a long way to overcome that. This summer we went to the school so he could take a kindergarten readiness test. When the teacher asked where he wanted to sit he crawled right into her lap. He told her how much fun he had as we were leaving and I was thinking "Wow! This is going to be a great year!". Fast forward a few weeks and it all went downhill. He became very upset about having to go, crying, screaming the works. He said she was very mean. Another parent stopped me and asked if my kid was saying these things about the teacher b/c her son was. I had a meeting with her and the principal and things were better for a while. I get emails from her stating he is doing great, participating, reading so well etc and then a month later it's he stopped and she thinks it's autism. Huh?

He does have some speech issues (articulation) and he will space out some in class (He said he sometimes has a hard time paying attention b/c he is thinking of what he wants to do when he gets home), she states he seems disoriented when they have a change in routine(never seen that at home or ever) and that he flaps his hands. That I have seen and it's not like I have seen other children do it. He holds his hands up and pretends there race cars (or planes or monster trucks) and if you ask him to stop he does so right away. He is imaginative, plays with his friends (apparently at school he does not) he is interested in kids, plays with us and looks us in the eye and is very affectionate. Does it sound like autism? If he has it, he has it and I will get him services but to me the kid I see at home and out is not the kid they see at school.


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Sarah - posted on 03/24/2014




My guess is that it is not autism, but there might be other things going on. Do some research on "Tough Starts" with adopted kids. This can give you GREAT insight as to if these are just behaviors or if something more is going on. A few good places to start would be They have a Tough Starts package that is REALLY informative. It does cost money for the program, but it is well worth it! Another good place to start is books and dvd's by the author Karyn Purvis. She will give you GREAT insight on what might be going on and how to work through it. Karyn Purvis actually talks about how there are certain markers in a child's life when you start to see different things. One is at the age of 5/6 yrs old as this is when they start school. The next marker is age 8 yrs and then age 12 yrs. and again I believe at age 17. My guess is that this is more of what is going on then autism. Often times people look at the surface and diagnose the child by what they are seeing. When if they dig under the surface there is more to what is going on, and what they are seeing is just the symptoms to the issue.

Boss-Hog - posted on 03/24/2014




School Teachers could just be telling you anything, as the Teacher if you could come and sit in Class in Disquise and watch him an try and see what she is Talking about; it sounds as if she only wants to tell you a load of BS!

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