Could time spent with grandmother be negative for my kids?

Panta - posted on 07/10/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have 2 kids under age 3. Since I have known my MIL, she has been caught in many lies and tells different stories to family members to get things she wants.
She has a history of making poor decisions throughout her life – which has resulted in her not having enough money for her bills, not having a functioning vehicle, being in her 3rd bad relationship, etc
She does not work and has gotten to a point where she doesn't even clean up after herself, she wants everyone to do things for her.
There have been a few times where she has displayed a lack of self-control by having ‘tantrums’ when she has disagreed with something.
She has a history of depression…and is always down and very negative, and seems to have odd irrational behaviors - she is not seeking the help of a therapist to determine if she has any type of mental illness. She also recently talked about having thoughts of suicide, which I am not sure if she is serious (we are handling it as though she is), or if she is using that as the ultimate way of squeezing the very last things she can from a family that is growing tired of everything. She is very self-centered; for example, she has put my 1.5 yr old on a tractor that he was clearly scared of, to make him cry so she could have an opportunity to comfort him. At this point, I’d prefer to never have my children around her. However, my husband sometimes feels bad for her and tries to arrange more time for visits. I am ok letting her see them from time to time, but I feel like it would be beneficial to distance them from her as much as possible. Even if she gets some help, I just don’t know if she will break from all of these issues/habbits and I do not want my children picking up or learning these behaviors or being around someone who seems to be so unstable.


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If she is that out of control, then have the visits on your terms, in your home with you or your husband there, or in a local environment as a family.

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