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Hi mamas. I'm going to start off with a question, that way it doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Then I'll provide more information, in case anybody has any suggestions on what else I can do.

Question: How do you count calories in food that you add other foods too? Tonight is going to be an easy dinner night. I'm making hamburger helper, but I'm adding kidney beans and broccoli to it. I'll be adding a whole can of beans, but not so much broccoli. Should I measure my dinner out using the serving it says on the helper box or should I do a serving each of the dinner and the kidney beans, then count the calories like I'm eating suggested serving from them both? (Sorry if that is confusing.)

Back story: My whole life I was slim and my "adult" life from 18 until I became pregnant at 23 (almost 24) I was 125 lbs and a size 3. I did have a skinnier period around 21 to 22, but I was not being healthy then and do not want to do that again. I'm 5'6" btw. I could always eat whatever, so I never really had food self control. I didn't have a lot of options growing up as to eating junk food, so when I finally started buying my own food, I felt like, "I can eat a whole bag of oreo's" or whatever, because even though I KNOW what you are supposed to eat and to follow servings, I just do not have the self control.

So then I became pregnant and started eating a teeny bit healthier, but not much. I didn't really eat more, though. Just what I would normally eat. (I can eat a lot!) Unfortunately I gave birth at 183 lbs, so I gained 58 lbs (and my son was only 6 lb 10 oz at birth.) Yikes. I thought I would lose it by breastfeeding, but nope I did not. I stopped breastfeeding at 13.5 months and thought that maybe I'd be one of those women who lost when they were done. Nope. Honestly that first year I was not very consistent in exercise and I did go from 5 days of working, running around all day, to two days of working. But I pretty much plateaued at 160 lbs and still am that weight at 19 months post partum. It's not that I necessarily hate the weight, but at this weight, I am at the unhealthy range of the BMI scale, so I'd, at the very least, like to lose enough to be healthy. I cannot afford to buy clothing, so I'm pretty much stuck in the same clothing day in/day out. I'd also like to lose the weight before my husband and I start trying for baby 2, but that is at least another year and a half away.

I've had my thyroid tested twice since my son has been born, but it has been fine. I've been off birth control (which was the mini pill) for about a month due to a pregnancy/miscarriage. (The doctor told me, when I found out that I would have only been about 5 weeks, but my numbers were low that she thinks it was a chemical pregnancy, so I don't think that would have affected my weight.) I'm about to start on Yaz. I also have constipation problems. From what I can remember they have been around at least since I was 20. I just started taking fiber pills again. So I know I bloat easily and I know poop weighs a lot. I walk outside with my son a lot. I'm not good with distances, but we run around all day and walk around the block at least twice. I don't want to estimate high, but I'd say 2 to 3 miles. And this has been going on since April. I just started doing the 30 Day Shred, so I hope I see some results soon. I'm going to start counting calories tomorrow, I think I'm going to start with 2000 at first, since I know I eat more then that.

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful! Thanks


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I have never been one to count calories, never understood the process idk. What I started doing is before every meal eating a piece of fresh fruit about 30 minutes before we sit down to eat, usually when i am starting dinner. That way it has enough time to actually settle in your stomach it starts it to feel not so hungry then eat smaller portion sizes with the family.

I also dont weigh myself alot usually every two weeks, since it can vary from day to day.

Good Luck :)

Momof1 - posted on 06/24/2011




Sorry, I know this is a long post. I just wanted to add that I mainly drink water. I have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, with low-fat vanilla creamer, then water the rest of the day. Occasionally I'll have a glass of skim milk or skim chocolate milk, but I wouldn't even say more then once a week. When I cook, I use skim milk and don't add magarine (unless I'm making homemade mashed potatoes. I'm a big snacker, but with meals (at least breakfast and dinner) I eat healthy (ish.)

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