Country Roads: The Cooking Battle Between You and His Mother

Keona - posted on 11/23/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Everybody has their own style of cooking and it's almost rare that people get the exact same results as another, even with following a recipe. My boyfriend loves my cooking and he tells me all the time. There are times, however, where I will try to fix something that I've never done before or my family don't normally make like "green bean casserole" although its fairly easy. It just seems that the closer we get to Thanksgiving, the more JB has been comparing my food to his mother's. I keep telling him that I'm not his mother and everybody has different cooking styles. I think that just goes in one ear and right out of the other. I tell him to tell me what she makes but the only thing he would tell me was green bean casserole. I made it (not according to the back of the french onion can because it seemed it would be bland) and it was so good. I told myself I would have to make it again. He said it was good but it wasn't his mom's. I asked her what she does and she said that she just mixes the cream of mushroom with the green beans and french onion pieces, let it bake for a little while, add some more french onion pieces and that's it.

I've had plain cream of mushroom before as a soup when I was sick and it needed some seasonings. I do know that her husband (JB's dad) have high cholesterol so she's trying to cut down on the salt which is good. BUT, I still need a little bit of flavor. I would say the best thing that she makes is zucchini and squash.

My questions are:
- How do you respond to such comments?
- Would you try to make more of the same food's his mother is used to cooking?
- Would you talk to the mother and ask her for recipes or keep it to yourself so she won't use it against you?
- What are some things that you can do to make your meals outside his mother but still in a healthy way?

By the way I failed to mentioned that my boyfriend had help his mother with her garden for the two years and a lot of the things that he ate was raw. Does this have anything to do with the flavor of food?

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