Court again and Contempt charges against me

Ashley - posted on 01/16/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have been in a custody battle for 2 years. There was domestic violence involved on my sons fathers part. I have had two protection orders against him and last year he assaulted me infront of the baby and was arrested and charged with assault and now faces 2 charges of violating the restraining order and harassment charges. As of a few months ago he has not seen the child while there is a court order in place allowing visitation, i called the police several times and he was charged with some of the issues because of the threatening nature and threats to flee with my toddler. Our guardian ad litem which is like an advocate for the child in the court system also agreed he should not have any contact what so ever with the child and per my attorneys advice i have listened to my counsel and not sent my child on the visits.The father now has filed contempt charges against me and i am just so scared i am going to be in trouble but i am hoping the judge will see the serious issues going on involving the child. The judge we last saw also court ordered domestic violence perpetrator's treatment. I am praying the court will finally see he is a threat to the child but so far i have been so dissapointed with the court system.


Sarah - posted on 01/16/2012




The Guardian Ad Litem will tell the judge their concerns about the situation. They are there to look out for the best interests of the child and if they are telling you to not send the child then don't. Hopefully the judge will listen. Good luck during this difficult time!

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That's so scary. I hope you have a more positive experience and more support.

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If your children are risk don't worry .if he take you to court don't worry just say you did what u did for the safety of the children and if the court give you guarantee than you have no court will give you guarantee as they don't want you to Put a case against are a mother have a right to protect your ex is also making my kids and my life a hell for last 3 yrs.

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