Cow Milk yes or no and Why?


Laura - posted on 01/05/2011




I missed the previous post, so this is the only one I've seen...

Just a point about cow's milk that perhaps Candi and others aren't aware of: The artificial growth hormone that commercial/industrial dairies give the cows DOES come through in their milk. New research is beginning to confirm what some folks (me included) have suspected all along--the growth hormone in milk affects our kids! Early puberty in girls (menstrating at 8-9 years of age) and obesity and higher estrogen levels in boys may be attributed to consuming commercial dairy products made from cow's milk. While this idea is hypothetical right now, the science is beginning to connect the dots with solid data. Again, this is the concern with commercial or industrial dairies.

There is a simple (but expensive) way around this problem, however: Buy organic cow's milk or goat's milk. Yes, organic is roughly double the cost, but the health benefits, IMO, make it worth every penny. The nutritional value is the same; it's what you are NOT getting in the milk where the true benefit is! I buy organic milk for my husband and daughter, I'm sensitive to cow's milk so I drink goat's milk (which is also expensive). Goats, by the way, are not injected with growth hormones because there is no approved artificial hormone to inject them with. The goat dairy industry is too small, I guess, to make goat growth hormones profitable by the companies that make these things. In some areas of the country you can purchase shares of cows or goats and get RAW milk! Raw milk is simply unpastuerized milk--it's straight from the cow--for those who might not know. This is what our grandparents most likely drank, especially if they lived anywhere rural. But that's whole other topic, though...

Other "milks" that have been listed go through a lot of processing to create, which is perhaps the biggest drawback to these choices, in the greater scheme of things anyway. If they are organic, these other choices can be a wonderful option for those people who are allergic or sensitive to dairy. Generations ago people wouldn't have had these choices and would have had to just eliminate dairy from the diet.

Finally, Amy does bring up a good point about the QUALITY of food that we eat--you may very well be "damned if you do, damned if you don't"! You eat fresh fruits and veggies only to have to worry about pesticide residues; there's growth hormones in dairy products; pathogens (bacteria mostly) in meats, the list of concerns can go on! Any food item that is processed, that is it goes to a facility where it is turned into something else or is added to something else, runs the risk of contamination. This is where government regulation can help keep the public safe, even if it isn't perfect. Too often, though, the government, both federal and states, cave to the interests of agri-business and loosens, rather than tightens, restrictions on the use of chemical agents in our food. Case in point: California just allowed the use of methyl iodide, a known nuerotoxin and endicrine disruptor, to be used on strawberries. All of this despite the protests of doctors and scientists, who often use methyl iodide to grow cancer cells! The best thing a person can do is try and become educated on topics, like food production, and then consider the different options one might have. Everyone must make these choices as they see fit and in ways that work for their family. The cost of eating healthy organics is expensive, to be sure, but the cost of not eating them may be even more expensive in the long run...

Annalishea - posted on 01/04/2011




Thanks Amanda for your input but the chemicals they put in cows it comes thru there milk too...i dnt think its any better a darn sure not nutritious thats what the MILK companies want us to believe but its sooo not healthy...lobbyist and the milk company pay off major officials and the FDA to say its healthy they tried to force my son to drink it and I to check them on that.

Merry - posted on 01/04/2011




My son drinks my milk, and we have cows milk for using with foods,likeceral etc.
Cows milk is made for cows, so I'm not going to be giving him large quantities of it at any point. I'd rather he get his calcium through leafy greens and drink water when he weans.

Nikki - posted on 01/04/2011




my son drinks Rice Milk and Soy , i dont drink milk, and when my son developed a rash, we thought it was a milk allergy and switched and he loves rice milk, its super healthy so we are happy he likes it and drinks it with no hassle.

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Amy - posted on 01/05/2011




i've never heard of oat milk. We have had almond and rice [we don't like soy. ech]. But, I don't have a problem with my organic cow's milk. I thought most of the cancer from foods was from fake stuff and microwaving it long enough to change the chemical compounds of food or have chemicals from the plastic leak into your food. But, they come up with new crap to scare you every day. I refuse to live my life in fear. I also love to cook and will never be without it. People sure didn't have cancer like mad way back when there were horse and buggy and they sure drank a lot of milk. At least that's what my grandpa told me about his parents.

as far as chemicals coming worry about cow's milk, but don't care about the filtered water that keeps traces of peoples' meds in it even through the whole process??

You're danged if you do, danged if you don't. I think this milk scare thing is a bunch of BS. There are too many other things in life that are actually important to be worrying about. and...angie's right. there was a post about this a few days ago that was very.....not nice to anyone who drinks milk. we go again. :)

Charlie - posted on 01/05/2011




Goats milk is by far better for you , it is the closest thing to human milk .
I personally do not drink cows milk , I drink oat milk mainly .

Christi - posted on 01/05/2011




I think people get overly paranoid. I have been drinking milk since age 1 and so has my son. He is now 2 and healthier than other children his age. He is stronger, brighter and a wonderful kid. Milk is milk is milk. Just because it comes from cows doesn't mean it's worse than Silk or almond or rice milk. I drink Skim milk because it is fat free and my son is on whole so he can get the fat and nutrition. That said, he gets only two cups a day of it (as perscribed by his doctor) and no more. Everything has bacteria, yogurt, cheese, meat, you name it, it has it. Even the all organic stuff and tofurkey and such.

Iysha - posted on 01/04/2011




I am not a milk drinker and my daughter probably will follow the same habits as me. i just plain dont like milk...whole, low fat, skim, organic, soy, rice...just dont like it. lol... My daughter drinks whole milk for the fats...she's a bit underweight...I'm not worried about chemicals, she isnt going to be drinking it forever anyway...I would rather hope that she becomes and avid water drinker!! Water is just about the best thing that you can put into your body and a lot of peoples complaints about their health could be eliminated if they just drank water instead of juice, soda, milk, shakes, even seltzer water. For now, I dont mind....not worried about it.

If we eliminated all things that had bacteria or chemicals from our diet, we'd be left with nothing. Organic products have bacteria...non-organic items have have to eat one or the other...and like Candi says, "It hasn't caused any problems so far." Who do you know that has died from drinking cow's milk? What health problems are there from drinking cow's milk that you cant get from consuming another food like say meat or cheese? Everything in moderation is fine....even soda and the movie theater popcorn with chemical butter =]

Candi - posted on 01/04/2011




we drink cow's milk. I grew up on it, never been unhealthy, overweight, or had food allergies. All 3 of my kids drink it too. We don't use skim or low fat, its whole milk. It hasn't caused any problems so far, so why change?

Amanda - posted on 01/04/2011




My son and my family drink cow's milk. He gets in his cereal in the morning, when he has cereal, and he will usually get some at at least one meal. I probably use it more for cooking than for anything else, but we do use it. My son has, as of yet, not had a problem with it. Right now he's also on it for the fat. I know he can pretty much eat any fatty thing, but the milk is more nutritious than say french fries. :) I'm glad that going without cow's milk has worked for all of you and your kiddos!

Annalishea - posted on 01/04/2011




Very good ladies...Rice milk is good i drink Almond milk ans sometimes soy but Im mainly on Almond milk it had great taste and my kids rejected it as well and Im glad they did. back then i didnt kno how unhealthy it was but now I do.

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