CPS & Court Not doing their jobs!!

Ashley Lee - posted on 06/23/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My entire family is in devastation! My oldest daughter 11 has came forward to say my sisters husband molested her twice once in my sister and her husbands home and the second after a baseball game in my sisters car with my 1 year old the back seat, that my sister and her husband have guardianship of. My sister and her husband came to me while I was pregnant with her and sobbed to my family and I that they had been trying to have a baby of their own but found out they couldn't due to fertility problems with my sister. I was going through a lot when I found out I was pregnant with her I had just gotten custody back of my son from same sister, I was in a domestic violence shelter at the time. While at the shelter one of my abusers found me I then had to seek shelter out of state (Missouri) I am from Delaware! My son was going through a lot with his disability and having seizures often. I still made sure my son had the best care while on the run from my abuser. I was notified that it was safe to return to my home state but had to figure out how my son and I would return due to lies I was told from the Missouri domestic violence shelter that they would send me home when it was clear. So no one in my family was able to help me get home. My then friend John took a chance and paid Almost $500 to get us home where my ex husband and his mother took us in. john and I remained friends and we got to know each other in a respectable way. But still I knew that that home was not suitable for my son or I. So John offered for us to come there where it was a lot better for my son and I to live and easy for us to get medical care we needed. That's when my sister and her husband came to me and asked if I would consider letting them adopt my unborn child due to my sons behavior due to medication for his seizures and because they couldn't conceive. I was already scared to death at that time having gone through a full term still birth a year before I got pregnant with her, I was also feeling depressed because my sister and her husband bugged me constantly about them adopting her and how was I going to give the kids the proper attention due to my sons health I felt I had no choice so I agreed. I delivered her months later and started to not want to give her up I love her we bonded while in the hospital together alone.My sisters husband attended delivery instead of her. I asked my sister to stay while I was in the hospital but the best I got was her and her husband staying the night with my now fiance and taking care of my son while I was in the hospital while my fiance worked and they would all come to visit me at the same time. So no rest after my C-section worried about my sons health and not wanting to give my baby girl away. My sister and her husband bugged me so bad to get released before I really needed to be. I got a sever infection due to needing a blood transfusion after my c-section. Had I stayed another day or so they doctor would of caught it. My stomach exploded while I was awaiting my son to return home that very hour. So I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. I can't say weather they came up to the hospital because my fever was so high I was delirious. All I do remember was feeling worried about my son and wanting to keep my baby but didn't want my sister to not have the blessing of being a mommy. I thought I was dying and hadn't yet found out I needed a blood transfusion. John was by my side everyday. He went to work and came to see me. My sister and her husband came up a few times to see me and they watched my son while I was in the hospital with the aid of her in-laws. While recovering I got more depressed being in the hospital so long and having a huge open boo boo. Blood transfusion and plenty of antibiotics my infection got better slowly because I am type one diabetes. Then I went home on bed rest and only to get up to potty. I also had a nurse that had to come out to care for my still open boo boo. Then I had to be put on a wound vac so it would heal faster and close. Took almost a month it's self. My sister hardly came to visit me so I couldn't see my son or my baby and couldn't do anything about it. Then my son finally came home while I was at the end of being on the wound vac. We all went about life. And now I am fighting for my baby. I called CPS and instead of helping me they helped them keep my baby around him until he was charged and never had my baby examined after my oldest came forward. My baby can not say if anything happened to her or not. But was allegedly present in the car on the last allegation. And now my baby lives with my sister and her mother in-law. And on top of that her mother in-law watches my baby while my sister works. The mother in-law doesn't believe her son did this so I don't feel this is safe but CPS and family court do. All I get is visitation at my sisters residence with my children and my mother where one one of the incidents allegedly happened. How is this even legal???? Someone please help my FAMILY!!!!

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