Creating disbelief in Santa in another parent's children!!

Julie - posted on 01/01/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




Well, a few weeks before this christmas we moved into a new house, shared by a small single mum family in a separate flat downstairs. While we are generally getting along well with them, I have an additional needs daughter of 12 who has maintained her belief in Santa uninterrupted until this christmas. The mother downstairs told my daughter that Santa wasn't real it was just mum's and dad's lying to the children and putting the gifts together to put under the tree!!! I don't believe she had any right especially considering how my eldest daughter is... basically my daughter came upstairs and gave the announcement to the rest of the children (my youngest is four)!!! So upset right now.


Julie - posted on 01/01/2012




Well we tried spinning a story, not sure if it has worked though. We did say that some people do not believe in Santa but our family does, and that he is real in that St Nick was a real person, and he is just a form of the old god Father Time.

Amy - posted on 01/01/2012




Completely out of line however my husband and I have tried doing damage control ahead of time by teaching our 5 year old that not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone believes that Santa brings their presents.


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Mandie - posted on 01/02/2012




No,she had no right at all to do that. It is solely the parent's decision when to let their children know if something is real or not. She sounds like a bitter woman who has no regards for anyone else's children's feelings and most likely her own child suffers her ignorance and rudeness too which is sad. If you are absolutely upset to no end and must do something about it then I would tell the mother,next time you see her,that you would appreciate it if she would keep her opinions to herself and not to ruin your childrens' fun and beliefs. Let her know that its not her place to "parent" your children and if she persists to be rude then let her know she is not to talk to your children anymore if she can not hold her tongue on stuff that is not her place to announce. It is completely rude and unthoughtful for her to do this and once again not her place at all to do it either. And if you feel the need to you can try and bring back the holiday spirit by telling your daughter that the lady downstairs had lied/fibbed about Santa being fake because she only gets coal for christmas.Let them know she was mad and said something she didn't mean and wasn't true. Put out the cookies next year,eat most but leave some crumbs and a chunk of cookie like he really came in and ate them,you can even go as far as to (which unless you have the patience to clean up I wouldn't reccomend lol) use your shoes to make "boot marks" on the carpet/floor leading up to the tree like he walked in and went to the tree,and you can even make marks in the snow or yard like the reindeers made an "emergency stop' in front of the house so Santa could put the presents under the tree super quick. Best of luck to ya

Julie - posted on 01/01/2012




I haven't approached her yet. We're kind of on a 6 month lease before we can get one for 3 years or so, so we kinda need to keep her happy, one bad word from her and we might not get our lease renewed, so it's touchy. She does want her children to play with ours, but her son must be additional needs, though she won't admit it, and he gets ah, revved up when playing with our children sometimes and gets violent or a bit aggressive. He also walks in without knocking and calls out for the children to come play, so while they get along, there can be issues right there. They aren't allowed in either of our houses when they play together because they are like mini tornadoes. We are attempting to keep their time together somewhat limited, mutual agreement there. As I think I said she's been pretty good with this huge exception, she just suffers chronic fatigue with a son who is at very least adhd or something like it.

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Awe, how mean. I agree with what everyone has been saying. All I have to add is a question. Have you talked to this women and let her know what she has done? Is this her way of saying "keep your daughter out of my space"?

Jane - posted on 01/01/2012




That certainly wasn't very nice of your neighbor.

We taught our children that Santa is indeed real. He is not a fat guy in a red suit who shows up in your living room one day a year, but he is the feeling you get when ever you do something nice for someone else. No matter when you do it, if you are kind to another, Santa is there.

Katherine - posted on 01/01/2012




Just maintain that Santa is real. I found out when I was 5. It broke my heart. Neighbor girl told me. My mom told me to believe what's in my heart. If your parents are real then Santa is real, if that makes sense.

Sara - posted on 01/01/2012




Totally out of line for anyone to tell your children what they should and shouldn't believe. Maybe you can repair the damage? Could you spin a story?

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