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Ok moms I need advice I don't usually post my issues online. I have a issue with my older daughter she is approaching those tuff years lol. My younger girl is having a wetting phase it's not fun :(. So the older one decides to start teasing her sister to where the younger one is now so upset over it. We took the little one to the dr they said it's a phase or a habit. My problem is the amount if laundry she is going through lol. They said put her back in pull-ups as needed. Eehh I didn't want to but it's def a load off for now. Her sister decided it's funny and started teasing her about this. Now I for one will not stand for this what I came up with is giving her a taste of what she is doing. I asked moms in my circle at home what they feel I got yes and no. I got I'm immature ugh. So my plan is to get creative I went and bought diapers for the older daughter same ones I got the little one in. My idea is to make her wear them as her punishment not sure yet how long idk I don't wanna humiliate her but I want her to see and feel that it's not right and she needs to be disciplined. Idk please give me some ideas if I'm right or acting immature for doing this. Thanks. Jamie


Dove - posted on 08/01/2014




Stupid, immature, and humiliating.... Grow up. Your friends already told you that you are being immature... now you want to hear it from strangers too?

How old is the child having the wetting problem? If she's been trained for a while I wouldn't have even put her back in pull ups (assuming she's at least 3 or 4)

As for the older child... what does she like? Computer time? TV? Playing w/ friends? Etc... Teasing your sister is hurting her and hurting your family members is cause for an immediate 24 hour ban from your favorite fun activity. Period. Each and every time... even if she's already in the middle of a grounding... if she teases again, she loses another privilege for 24 hours.

Be the mom. Not the child. You 'teasing' your daughter instead of teaching her... makes you just like her.

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