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Andrea - posted on 04/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Anyone else have a situation like this... so my little girl never minded her crib, I used to set her in and go change my laundry or do dishes... whatever the need be... and she'd coo and watch her mobile... then one day she was wiggling around and caught her toe in between a rail and the crib aquarium... since then I can't put her in... she shakes and cries this horrifying cry and curls her fists to her chest.... she is scared to be in there. I've tried bringing toys in the crib during the day just to play, to let her see it's ok... but she clams up instantly. I've changed the bedding... changed the room around, removed the aquarium changed the mobile... she does the same horrifying thing.

I can rock her to sleep and put her down in it... but as soon as she wakes she panics... she sweats, cries, fists up.. shakes... help... any ideas or similar situations?


Clarissa - posted on 04/04/2013




How old is she? Depending on how old she is, she may or may not be associating her crib with that event

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