Crib wedge - How do you keep baby from sliding down/ sideways?

Heather - posted on 04/25/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4-month old has been severely congested and spitting up mucus since starting daycare. The Pediatrician recommended elevating the head of his mattress with a wedge or pillow. Every time I have done this, he slides down off of the elevated area or I find him turned sideways in his crib at the base of the wedge. Any suggestions on how to keep him in place are greatly appreciated!!!


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When my daughter had a sinus infection I put a small amount of vicks on her shoulders and the baby vicks on her chest. Then I boiled water poured it into a cup chopped up a fresh onion and let it sit in the cup until it cooled. Then I strained the onion out and added this to her formula. The onion is a natural antibiotic and opens the sinus and lung of flem. I bought the vicks vapourizer and with all that my daughter cleared up within 2 days. I put a thin pillow on one side of her crib then a smaller one under that so her head was elevated then I put a blanket over the pillows so they wouldn't shift I then wrapped her up so she couldn't wiggle around. For the sides of her I rolled our thickest and biggest towels so she stayed central. Good luck this worked for me.


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No. Don't do anything to hold your son in place. Instead, put something under the mattress instead for SLIGHT elevation. Not so much that he will slide down though.

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