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As an expectant mom when do you start buying things and how do you manage financial crisis with your baby father


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My advice is ignore the lists of "essential" items for babies you find online, most of the items you don't need. As long as you have clothes, nappies/diapers and bottles & formula if you aren't breastfeeding then that's all you need.
If you can breastfeed it will save you a lot of money in the long run so try but don't be disappointed if you can't.
You need to stick to a budget if you are in such a financial "crisis". Also bring a baby in to the mix won't ease the financial burden, it will make it worse. Maybe you need to decide if you can really afford this child. They don't get any cheaper as they get older!!!

E.V. - posted on 06/06/2015




I tend to be proactive and prefer to start buying things once I have a list sorted out. A helpful tip is to see what you can purchase through a flexible spending account ("FSA") if you or your partner has one. has a FSA/HSA section and you can obtain all sorts of helpful items for the house and baby (ie.: breastfeeding items, some medication and first aid). With respect to a financial crisis, depending on the magnitude of the crisis and what the details are, I'd suggested just taking it a day at a time and maintaining the lines of communication with your partner at all times. Parenting is tough and bringing a child into this world to raise is not only a luxury item but difficult, yet rewarding.

I hope this helps as a starting point. I wish you the best with the pregnancy and your partner.

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