Croup: when do I take 2.5 yr old daughter to hospital???

Kacindaj - posted on 05/20/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm wondering if my daughter has croup.. having very hard time breathing, doing the "darth vader" sounding breathing... we've already stood under shower and dropped saline solution in nose and have humidifier going with decongesting drops in it... but she's still having hard time breathing. when do I take her to hospital??


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Doctors will not recommend any God given medicines. They want to give manmade stuff to your kids and sometimes it can make them worse. No offense to all manmade stuff. I have used it too in some cases like bendryl for big stings. It does work. However colidal silver does work. It will NOT hurt your child, it is for all ages and is safe. My son is 11 months old now and i gave it to him at 2 months of age for a cold and it cleared it up. You can also get homeopathic medicine for infants. The best thing to do is read up on it for yourself instead of going by me saying it and going by someone else saying not to use any remedies. Silver treats many things. As for pneumonia, it does have a hard breathing to it. My father had it. He went to the hospital to be treated and a week later he died from the medicine given to him. The doctors don't know everything. Some guesses at it. My father in law had it as well. And he is dead too. So, I do Know what it is and sounds like. YOu need to read up on it too.I do hope that your daughter is better.And if you do take your child to the doctors, I hope you have better luck and may God bless you.

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Please do not give your kid anything NOT approved for your child. Vicks can be deadly if your child has asthma. Most other home remidies are not dosed for children. Pneumonia most likely would not have that type of cough. Croup tends to have that barky funny sounding cough. Pneumonia tends to have wet sounding breathing. I would just take your baby to the dr or the hospital (I realize this is a few days old so I hope you already have). Outside air tends to clear up croup also.

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if she has croup, get some soverign silver, it will treat it. but if she is breathing heavily and maybe gasping for air, she could have pnomeia. Has she had a cold or flu recently? did she get over it? if she had a cold. she could have the virus or bacteria in her body. You can still treat that with colidal silver. If you feel that she has congestion in her chest and that is why she is breathing heavy. still give her soverign silver, some vitamen c, echinechea, baby vicks on the chest at night for 2-3 nights in a row. It will help. My 11 month old was breathing a little heavy and was congested in the chest. I put baby vicks on him at night for 2 nights and gave him all the above. Even acidolphilis. I broke the pills in half and fed it to him with applesauce or yogurt. the congestion was gone and the breathing heavy went away. you can look up about the age of your child of how many breaths you are supposed to have in a minutes time.
I believe it was 30 for a minute for my son and i checked it and it was normal, even though he was breathin a little heavy. I had the humidifier on and so forth. the same as you. hope your daughter gets better.

Michelle - posted on 05/20/2012




If you are at all worried then take her now. With her having a hard time breathing I would go.

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