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My 6 month old son is a sweetheart. We started him on baby applesauce/green beans etc. at night time. So he gets food and his regular 7.5 formula bottle. No matter what I do he does not last longer than 5 hours between feedings. I've tried, spoon feeding + bottle, spoon feeding + bottle with rice cereal in it, s.f + bottle w/oatmeal (baby oatmeal), mixing oatmeal with baby food + reg bottle w/ and w/o oatmeal in it, and putting the applesauce in his bottle and it doesn't change a thing! I asked his ped what I should do and he says at night time when I give him more food, I should let him cry it out when it hits 5 hours because he can last longer than 5 hours especially since his intake is larger than in the day.
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That was odd advice. I'd seek a second opinion. Most 7.5 month olds still require at least one night feeding, some require two. If he sleeps 5 hours, wakes to eat, then sleeps another 5, he's doing really great.

When he does wake at night, just give him a plain formula bottle--no food. Eventually, as his tummy grows and his digestive tract matures, he will start eating more at each sitting, and you want that to be during the day, and ween himself off of the night bottle.


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If he NEEDS the nighttime feeding..meaning..he is waking up and drinking his whole bottle..then I would give it to him. I wouldn't deny him his bottle at this age. son around that time frame decided it would be fun to wake up in the middle of the night and want a bottle..he would drink an oz or even a few sips and then go back to sleep. At that point I decided to let him cry it out bc he truly didn't need his bottle. He didnt cry for very long..and after a day or two stopped waking up in the middle of the night.

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