"Cry it out" method on a 10 month old?

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My son is almost 10months and will refuse to go to bed by himself. We've tried the CIO method once before when he was a around 5months old and the first night was fine but I just don't remember when it became the "Rock him to sleep" method. It's getting harder and harder to get him to sleep. He fights sleep like a crazy and we're at our wits end. I'm afraid it's affecting his health because he doesn't eat as well on the days that he isn't as well rested.

Has anyone tried the CIO method on an older child? If yes, what have the results been and what would you suggest we do or don't do?

His daycare teacher told us that he is one the most stubborn boys who will not even lay his head down after an hour of crying. Even with her staying right beside him (while he is in his crib).

Please help.. :/


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I cuddled my eldest to sleep until he indicated that he didn't want that any more, around the age of 2. My youngest was a self soother, and hated cuddles.

I'd much rather have cuddled than listened to a screaming baby who doesn't understand why they aren't being hugged and cuddled. CIO is fine, IF THE CHILD UNDERSTANDS what's going on. Otherwise, in my opinion, it is bordering on neglect. That's my opinion.

Belle - posted on 01/10/2014




My son was like that I did that too & still doesn't want to go to sleep at 8! Try not to worry. Good luck....

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