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Karen - posted on 01/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone I'm new to the group. I'm at my wits end . My twin girls of 7 months cry all the time . My go says I have to let them cry and not to pick up all the time I find it very hard . The ting is I did do it all the time have them on my lap and maybe could of held back a bit. I am a first time mam and new to all of this. They have reflux and are on losec I know they could b in pain at times but the docters do see that when I put them back in the car seat they scream the place down. One if my girls held her breath and passed out just need some guidance please anyone. X


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Sarah - posted on 01/15/2015




Instead of picking them up right away try getting them interested in a toy or activity. At 7 months they are started to want to play and get around and get bored quickly. I like the jumpers or exersaucers as they have lots of activities all around them and often times babies like to jump around in them. So you can go from having some toys on the floor that they can sit or roll around and play with, then when they start to get fussy them switch to the jumper or exersaucer. Then when they are done with that go back to the floor maybe looking at books. At 7 months they are probably putting many things in their mouth, so having lots of toys they can play with and put in their mouth is good.

Letting them fussy for a bit is also not bad. You don't want to leave them to cry for a long time, but you also don't want to jump up immediately and tend to them all the time either. I find that sometimes if I let them fuss for a bit they will self soothe themselves. This is the perfect time to start letting them learn how to self soothe. They will be ok if they fuss for a few minutes while you finish up on something and then tend to them. Also try talking to them and making faces before picking them up or while you are finishing up on the thing you are doing. Again this lets them know that they are ok and don't always need to be picked up just because they are bored.

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