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Emma Jane - posted on 06/07/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




My sister had a little boy six weeks ago and she is having a terrible time with him, he just wont settle. He is fine when he is in my Mums but as soon as she takes him home she is unable to settle him! It seems like he doesn like her house!!! It is that bad that she cannot put him down as he will scream the house down, she even has to eat her food while holding him. My little girl was never like this so I am unsure what advise to give her.

Has anyone been through a similar situation can anyone give me some advise to pass onto her???


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Emma Jane - posted on 06/22/2009




Update: - Thanks for the advise my sister has changed her sons formula and this seems to have done the trick. Her Health Visitor originally told he to put him on the easy digest milk and this was just not filling him so we think that is why he was crying, he is now on normal formula and he is taking 5oz bottles at a time and is much more happier. No more screaming fits :-)

Thanks for all your advice :-)

Susan - posted on 06/10/2009




Hi - I had to be really careful what I ate with one of my children, as she was sensitive to changes or extremes in my breastmilk, early on. She'd scream! So I cut out coffee, chocolate, curries etc for a while until her little stomach matured a bit. What ever it was - she got better at 6 weeks, then better still at 12 weeks.

Deidre - posted on 06/10/2009




*hugs* It is definitely very hard to have a baby crying all the time. For the first couple months my daughter would cry whenever she was awake... and she was awake a LOT! If she wasn't eating or sleeping she was crying, no joke. It finally started to get better after 5mo of age, when she was starting to move on her own (with rolling over and such). Before then though, I really didn't enjoy being a mom too much.

I was unlucky and even my holding her didn't stop my daughter from crying. I always had ppl telling me, just pick her up, it'll stop... but it didn't. I would hold her constantly AND I had had a c/section AND my husband was deployed AND I couldn't breastfeed and I got mastitis and my incision didn't heal correctly at first... so many things piled on I'm surprised I made it through those first couple of months, I really am...

But I did make it through and your sister will as well! Let her know to take full advantage of people offering to help! They are offering for a reason, because they want to help! I had to learn to accept help whenever I could and I try to do the same now for moms of super young babies (holding them when I'm around to give mom a break).

A mommy visitor (not sure what it's called but to help me cope with being a new mom, a free service for military) told me about a period of 'purple crying' that can take place in the first 4-5mo of a babies life. Just crying for absolutely no known reason, no health reason, no stupid little oversight (like too hot/cold), nothing to calm it. I didn't take it to heart too much until my baby showed up and did exactly this... cried all the time.

I also had those telling me to just let her cry, and I DID, a LOT. I had too. I couldn't hold her while peeing, it was impossible. I couldn't eat while holding her, it was too hard (I can do it now... but now she can hold her head up lol, since she's over one... but at 6wks or so, it was just impossible for me to hold a crying baby while eating).

This too shall pass. Having your sister repeat that sometimes may help with coping a little bit (though it may not help much in the middle of the night). She is not alone!

It is okay for her to put her baby down in a crib or playpen, somewhere safe, and walk away. Take a step outside, catch a breath. Put in some ear plugs, anything to get away from the crying for a moment to get back some breath, calm the nerves. I mastered the skill of setting my daughter down in a safe place and walking away... I had to or else I would have completely lost it and probably brought my daughter to a friend and given her away (that is a bit extreme but I was also in an extreme situation where nothing helped make her feel better... I felt like a horrible awful mom at that point in time).

Again, sending some more *hugs* to your sister.

Christy - posted on 06/10/2009




My daughter had shocking colic and would scream and scream. As soon as I changed her on to lactose free formula she was a different baby. Made all the difference, and stopped me going completely insane. Turns out I was raised on the same formula for the same reason (would have been nice if mum had have told me that BEFORE!!!!!) Good luck :)

Jeanne - posted on 06/09/2009




I can think for two things actually. One the baby senses that your sister is nervous (always normal for a mom with a new baby) and he is taking it out on her by bawling his eyes out. The other thing I could think of is daughter would scream from nine in the morning to eleven at night and if she wasn't screaming she was wimpering. Just when she would quiet down it would be time for another bottle and the whole thing would start up again. Her colic stopped at three months - but I was fortunate even though she screamed for the first three months of her life she was sleeping through the night at six weeks of age. Your sister can also ask your mom if she does anything different in terms of swaddling or holding - it might be just that simple. Good luck.

Lisa - posted on 06/09/2009




My son screamed like a banshee for the first 6 weeks for hours at a time.....I used to push him back and forth in the baby buggy to get him to sleep....The doctor finally figured it out as constipation and changed his formula......a change of formular and it was like having a diff baby...check his food and go back to the gp.....

Dannielle - posted on 06/09/2009




Does he get a really tight tummy? My little man is 6 weeks old and I'm only just starting to have a better time with him. We others were around he was only a little grizzly but home alone it would get horrible. Turns out he was struggling with colic. You can tell this by watching to see if he stretches out and arches his back alot. I found infacol worked wonders. That and forcing him into a ball works well too.It forces air out.

It could also be because if she is worried and stressing about being home alone and unable to cope the baby could be picking up on this.

Wish her luck. I hope it gets better for her.

Mel - posted on 06/08/2009




my son was the same with me. he would be an angel for my mum but he would scream until the cows came home with just me. he is now 6 months old and he is wonderful happy baby :) but when he was 6weeks old i took him to the gp and found out he had reflux which was burning therefore he would scream. but i think more so with me because im his mummy and he knows i'll eventually pick him up n give into his cries.
hope this helped

Jeseca - posted on 06/07/2009




My son cried all the time too. I wasn't sure what was going on. If I held him he was fine and the minute I put him down he was screaming. I even slept with him in my arms. I found out at about 6 weeks that he had MSPI(milk soy protien intolerance). Your sister might want to take him in to see if he has any medical problems. I was breastfeeding so I had to take out all milk and soy products but it made a huge difference. There are a few symptoms she can check for: green slimy poop, spitting up all the time, no or little weight gain, and blood in the poop(even just a little is concerning). If it is not medical, I suggest that she have people on hand to let her get a break from all the screaming. A swing can be calming, the vacuum cleaner on sometimes works, wrapping them tightly in a blanket or if they are too hot take some clothes off. I hope some of this is helpful.

LaCi - posted on 06/07/2009




my kid was a nightmare for MONTHS, but only when he was alone with me. If other people were around he was an angel. i was beginning to think he was out to get me. But I've come to realize he was probably just sick of me, being around me 24-7.

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