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Tiffanie - posted on 01/26/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 9month old son goes to sleep in his crib @ bedtime & usually cries 20mins or less (15 mins last night and literally only 1 min tonight). However, he wakes up numerous times @night & fights going back to sleep..sometimes for 2 hours.. I assume it's solely for our company. It takes us an average of 1.5 hrs to get him to go back to sleep. So starting tonight we will be using CIO in the middle of the night with the only exception being around the time of his normal feeding & I will feed him. I don't mind feeding him @ night (formula fed) even though many say he shouldn't be. My only issue is the rest of the night wakings & their duration. My question is this...his crib is in our room & there is no other option for it to be anywhere else. I know this will make it harder but how much harder will it be & how much longer will it take for him to adjust with us laying there "ignoring him"? This is our only option left so please no judging. I'm looking for advice from those who have used CIO successfully & especially from those who have had to do it sharing a room. My son caught on quickly @ bedtime but no one is in the room @that time & checks made it harder for him than being left alone so the outlook here is grim. I'm starting this tonight so any help soon would be great! Thanks!

To add a note - we keep a lullaby cd playing all night which helps with the first waking which used to be an hour after bed...he skips that one now. He usually ends up in our bed at some point but he sleeps worse once he's there because he wants us. He's very restless and he rolls and kicks and fusses every 15 mins. IF we can get him back to sleep in his crib and to stay asleep we can usually sleep at least an hour before he wakes again but not always. We got about 3 hours of sleep last night (DH got a little more but I have to leave at 4am for work). I don't necessarily expect him to STTN however, waking 3-5 times for over an hour each time is not acceptable and I can't sacrifice my marriage (at each others throats half the time) and my driving safety (always fall asleep driving to work and once with kids in the car) any longer with the amount of sleep deprivation we all have.


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take a weekend and work on getting him back in his own bed for the whole night. You can also try putting up a blanket or sheet or something to separate him from you so he can't see you, which will make CIO easier because then he's not seeing you and know you're ignoring him. The theory with keeping him in his own bed is that if he's waking because he wants to be with you he will wake earlier and earlier that first time, however if he's put back down in his own bed, slowly those wake ups will become fewer and farther between. also something i found helped when i started my son on CIO was every night before bed I would kiss him, tell him I loved him, then tell him it's time for sleep. The when he woke in the night I would do the same and then lay him back down. To this day he will still lay back down and stay in bed when I tell him it's time for sleep. Good luck I hope you all start sleeping better!

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9 months is very young for this. If he wakes and sees you, he will want you. To not go to him will be hard on you both. He won't understand. Make sure the room is very dark, sometimes white noise helps kids stay asleep and or get back to sleep, you might try that.
My child slept with me at that age. For us, that worked really well.


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