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Diana - posted on 01/12/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter just turned 7 months, since she was 5 months she's been having crying when visiting my in laws. She doesn't see them often but when we do she is so upset and cries she actually had thrown up. It's so hard to see her so upset and my husband and I try to comfort her but can't, she just cried and cried. She works herself up and we usually end up leaving. It's been tough on my husband since he wants them to be close but they just don't make time to visit so she does not know them. She completely fine with my side because she sees them all throughout the week with no issues. Does anyone have advice on how we can help my daughter adjust to my in laws? I ask them to ignore her and not make eye contact until she is comfortable but they don't listen and a crying meltdown happens. I'm hoping it's just a phase. My friends have come to visit and it takes a little for my daughter to warm up but they give her space and then she ends up playing and laughing.


Raye - posted on 01/12/2016




You've offered the in-laws advice, and they don't take it, and then the meltdowns. So, put your foot down with them. Tell them if they can't respect your wishes to try to make the visit more calm, then you'll stop taking her there or inviting them over. They should want what's best for the child, and if she needs to slowly warm up to them, then they should let her. They're trying to force themselves on her, and she's not ready for that. They need to be ADULTS, and be patient.

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