Crying wolf or not crying wolf?

Sherry - posted on 12/20/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 9 years and just this school year (September to December) I have taken her to the doctor for her wrist, and foot. Both times nothing has came out of the appointment. Now she has been complaining about her knee hurting. She was told at school that she couldn't hop around on one foot, so now she wants crutches. All of my co workers do not believe her and of course I have my doubts that she is really hurt. Should I just keep telling her that she is fine, or is she really hurt this time? And please no rude comments last time I posted.


Sarah - posted on 12/20/2015




I would ignore it. Sounds like an attention getter. Instead I would point out all the fun things she would not be able to do and then have her sit out of those things. Sometimes the grass lookers greener on the other side even when that means you are "injuried". When that no longer looks greener the "injury"injury" goes away. Then I would address the issue for the need of attention through being hurt or sick.

Sarah - posted on 12/20/2015




I work as a school nurse and I see this very often at this age. If she is complaining about pain at a joint and there is no swelling, redness, bruising, cut or other sign of injury; then I would just ignore it. Keep an eye on her, and if you see her running, walking without a limp, using the "affected" body part without difficulty, you can say; "I see your (knee, ankle, wrist) seems to be better." or you can say nothing at all until she complains again and then point out that you saw her, jump, use scissor or whatever.
This is super common attention seeking and it isn't necessarily a sign of a problem. I'd give it a few months and see if she stops.
When a child is truly sick or injured, you can usually tell, they will be in a fair amount of distress, and be very specific about where it hurts and how much. Good luck!


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