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Hello sister Moms... I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that their child is unusual or different? I have three wonderful sons, each with his own gifts and talents, but I have noticed that my 9 year old, in particular has something extraordinary going on. He can see, hear things and just "knows" certain things that others cannot. In most ways he acts just like any other kid, playing, singing, running around, playing video games, but in other ways he seems to be an "old soul" with a mission. These children are said to be what is referred to as Chrystal Children or Indigo Children. Many have different psychic abilities, or are extremely creative, some are vegan or vegetarian and have no desire to eat meat. Some are classified as ADD, ADHD, or Autistic because of their ultra sensitivities to the energies around them. Some just act like run of the mill kids but who will sometimes totally blow your mind with things they say or do. Some see auras of humans, plant or animals, some remember past life experience and try to relate it to you. All of these things and more may be signs that your child is one of these "New Children" that are said to be on earth at this time of the "Awakening" in order to anchor light, love and information onto our planet in order to aid humanity in elevating their consciousness during our spiritual evolution from a third dimensional experience into a fifth dimension experience wherein EVERYONE will be said to have these gifts of extra sensory perception, etc. If You think your child may be one of these children, please research the terms and help and support your child at this time. It could make so much difference for your child, and for all of us. Our understanding is essential in helping our children complete their missions, so to speak. Thank you for your open hearts and your open minds on this subject. Namaste

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