Cunfused , Worried And Scared ! Am I Really Pregnant ?

Jessie - posted on 09/27/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi ! I am 18 years old & I just visted the doctors yesterday . I have been having all the symptoms of pregnancy and being more tired than usual . My last normal period last came at june and from there my period came only once in a month . I have visted the doctors and had an ultrasound both tummy and viginal scan and still he couldn't locate the baby ! But my tummy has a bump and i feel gentle kicks and slow movement ! Please can any of you help me out ?


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Michelle - posted on 09/27/2016




I agree with Jodi.
We can't tell you if you are or not and you have had all the tests done and they say no.
I would put the "kicks" down to gas as well, I get it quite often.

Jodi - posted on 09/27/2016




If your doctor said you weren't pregnant, and has done an ultrasound then I'm not quite sure why you think a group of women on the internet can solve the issue for you. You didn't mention pregnancy tests, but I'm assuming they are negative. You've had a vaginal scan and it shows nothing.

You said "My last normal period last came at june and from there my period came only once in a month". Normal periods DO only come once a month, so I'm not sure why this is concerning you.

If you were pregnant, it would be way too soon to be feeling movements anyway.

I highly doubt it is pregnancy. Did you tell your doctor that you could feel a bump and kicks? It's probably just gas or something. But you aren't pregnant.

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