Curfew for a 10 year old

LEIGH - posted on 07/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, my daughter has just recently turned 10 in June. As its the summer holidays, i am allowing her to stay out a wee bit later. Normally on a school night shes in by half 7 and in bed for half 8/9. She has started going to the park to play with her friends, ive told her that on the nights she goes to the park, i want her back in the street for 7. She can still play outside but at least i know shes safe playing and where i can see her in the street. Shes started now telling me i treat her like a baby and all her friends get to stay out at the park till at least 8 which has resulted in her disobeying us and coming in when she feels like it. I just worry about who is out there watching wee girls, anything can happen in this day and age. Does anyone else have a similar situation and any advice how to deal with this would be helpful? My daughter does have a mobile phone but always 'forgets' to call me to tell me where she is.


Jodi - posted on 07/11/2013




You are not her friends' mothers. You have decided on a rule that you are comfortable with, and big deal if she doesn't like it. I think you are being perfectly reasonable. How to deal with it? You tell her that if she breaks curfew, she can't go to the park at all. And then, the first time she breaks curfew, you ground her for a couple of days, then try again.

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